Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Speed swing ladders

Here's the second part of my week's routine for fat loss...interval speed work. So, first workout of the week, longer sets, lighter bells. Second workout, faster & shorter sets, light to heavy bells.

Warm up

40 2 hand swings w/12kg x 2 sets = 4 min.

Work sets

22 reps 2 hand swings w/12kg, 22reps 2 hand swing w/16kg,
1 minute work, 30 sec. rest,
22 reps 2 hand swings w/16kg, 22 reps 2 hand swing w/20 kg
1 minute work, 3 sec. rest

I alternated these 2 sets 10 x each. Each rotation took 3 minutes to complete = 30 min.


12/12 w/12kg, 1 min work, 30 sec rest (120 points)
8/8 w/16kg, 45 sec. work, 45 sec rest (160 points)

I alternated these 2 sets x 5. Each rotation took 3 minutes to complete = 15 min. (I did the last 2 sets of each weight without a rest period, because I just wanted to get the workout done! )

I almost kept up the speed work, instead of switching to snatches, but I'm going to be doing alot of swinging in the next few days, so I went ahead and added some snatch points today.

280 snatch points


Keturah Y. said...

You are a crazy awesome, swinging, crazy woman :-)

I love watching your short and fast swings. You make it look so easy!!

I'm still stuck in the slower, higher (floatier?) swings. The shorter strokes are taking me a little to get the hang of.

Tracy said...


What do you mean "stuck", lol

You want to get a tricep pump? Stop that weight from going higher then your waist and push it back'll feel it big time in your ticeps! (just a little more motivation to keep practicing!)

Keturah Y. said...

"Stuck" means I get into this rhythm and it's hard to break it and go faster - you know, move it and quit floating and resting at the top before the descent. (Does that make better sense?)

I'm going to get a session in tomorrow or Monday, so I'll try the tricep pump. I never even thought of engaging that muscle in that part of the swing. I didn't realize there was so much to the descents- good tip.

Thanks for the motivation :-) I've been sticking with my workouts and decided to get serious by doing 15 minutes of swing intervals or 100 swings (just depends on the day's schedule) on the days I don't do a full workout. I still haven't lost a single inch or pound (yet) but I kid you not, I'm starting to get cuts on my inner thighs! Still plenty of flab there (and the lighting has to be just right, lol)but it's a start. WOOT!