Wednesday, April 2, 2008

No Sweat Pants for Me!

OK, so we've all been there...."fat days". Those are the days we reach for our comfy, stretchy clothes. And then what? We keep reaching for those loose, comfy, clothes. And then what? Our loose, comfy, clothes get tight and we have to buy new, bigger, loose comfy, stretchy, clothes!

So, I admit, my favorite pair of jeans are tight, and I've been avoiding putting them on to see just how tight they are, until yesterday. Wow, they weren't nearly as bad as I thought. I mean I could still get them on, I don't think they look as good as they did 5lbs ago, but not too bad! I still can't wear my opinion, lol. But, I know which clothes I own that are 'bigger', and I refuse to chose them. I refuse, because I know it won't make me feel better. Instead, I decide to wear jeans. So they're a little snug! I'll tell you what I like about this extra five pounds though.

First off...I'm chosing this 'extra' 5 lbs. I must like it! I do like having bigger legs, I don't know why, but the tightness of my jeans around my legs doesn't bother me, it's the 'muffin top' around my waistline that I don't care for. I like how my face is fuller, not so gaunt. Hey, and who doesn't like a little extra up front, right? I like the extra calories for my KB workouts....but not for yoga. And, I am enjoying all of the food I eat. But I want to be a 'size 6' all day long! So what to do.....?

I'm ready to change it, and I've got alot of things going on. I've looked back at my hard copy food journal from last year and I could see what it's going to take to get me back there. And, I've given up sugar.....yes, I've given up sugar for the month of April! So I'll have plenty to blog about in regards to that. (hopefully, my next blogpost will detail the reasons and the strategies to accomplish that) So, skinny jeans, here I come, no sweat pants for me!

Monday AM weight, no data
7:15am Bikram yoga
7:00pm 50 min walk


coffee/cream 50 cal.
oats/blueberries 280 cal.
carrot/PNB 200 cal
2 lg pork chops 500 cal
yogurt, lots 630 cal.
brown rice 300 cal.
almond butter 300 cal.

Total calories 2260

Can you believe I ate all of this food between 10:00am and 12 noon? I wasn't hungry the rest of the day. And the only vegetable I ate on Monday was 2 stinkin' carrots (from CSA, they were so freakin' good!), I think that's a first in a long, long time! I'm still not in the habit of weighing myself everyday, honest oversight, and in fact I forgot the next day too!

Tuesday AM weight, no data
6:30 bikram yoga
8:30 KB 720 swing/720snatch
6:30 1 hour walk


coffee/cream 100 cal.
chicken and veggie soup 350 cal.
oats/yogurt 350 cal.
decaf coffee w/cream 70 cal.
broccoli/cabbage/tuna salad w/anchovy dressing 450 cal.
brown rice w/sweet potato 440 cal.

Total calories 1760

The last 2 days were not exactly "diet" days! The brown rice and sweet potato definitely put me over the top! I'll post my recipe for that soon, because now that I can't have sugar, I have to find a way to eat other alternatives like sweet potatoes! They were awesome in the brown rice BTW, but oats and lots of rice, AND sweet potato? I'm just asking to hold water!

Wednesday AM weight 136.8 (freakin' brown rice and sweet potatoes, lol)
5:30am Bikram yoga
2:00pm KB 16kg snatches


coffee/cream 120 cal.
oats/almonds 350 cal.
veggies/lime, yogurt, garlic dip 250 cal.
lamb shanks/beans/veggie soup 400 cal.

Total calories 1120

I said I was going to get back in my jeans...I mean it, damn it! Watch me!

Life is freakin great!


Renee_York said...

Tracy -

You look great in those jeans!

I have been reading your blog(s)for the past 6 weeks & wanted to let you know how much you have inspired me! Eating healthier, more fresh fruits and veggies (I love soup too!), KB "hardstyle" workouts 3-4 tx a week, weighing myself daily. I actually bought a scale 5 weeks ago and religiously weigh myself daily. This really keeps me on top of my progress and holds me accountable to myself. The scale reflects the days I have made bad choices (Reese's PB eggs & Almond joy's) as well as the days I have eaten healthy. It really is a choice and I feel better inside and out. I am stronger, leaner and more healthy in just 6 weeks. Imagine where I will be a couple months from now.

Thank you Tracy! And keep up the wonderful and encouraging posts!

Amy said...

I need to give up sugar too. I had given it up awhile back and 15 lbs came off quite quickly. I need to figure out why I eat well all day long and then continue to make poor food choices after dinner.

For example, I'll have hot tea after dinner. A good choice. Then I grab the cream and sugar. Geez Amy! You know better. Or, on the weekends I'll have an alcoholic beverage with my dinner. Pure sugar. I know this. Yet I still choose it.

What is going on in my mind that I sabotage myself? The weight is security in a way. I need to find security in my new body.

I need some accountability. Any suggestions?

1gabby1 said...

I agree w/amy. you look great in those jeans. It's funny, I watched your video w/Mark yesterday and,she did all that in a pair of jeans and a cute sweater!
I too struggle with those 5 needless pounds that I choose to wear. I'm off to Hawaii Sunday for a week and when I get back I believe I will give the sugar up as well. Love it in my morning coffee.
A good way for me to track my caloric ratios i.e. sugar, protein,fat carbs etc. is on check it out. This site keeps me accountable and does all the work for you and it also includes an exercise log. I use this daily myself.

1gabby1 said...

Regarding the fullness vs. the sunken in face issue we Courtney Cox was once quoted "at a certain age a woman must choose between her ass and her face" I choose my ass thank you very much.

Christine said...

I am a serious sugar junkie, and my mom has been nagging me to go cold turkey for some time now... my husband is still appalled at the amount of sugar I put in my coffee each morning. But it is the slippery slope - the more you have it, the more you want it. I have never really tried to give up sugar before, but I hear from so many people that say how much better they feel off of it (after that initial 3-4 days of feeling like hell!) We'll see if I can 'walk the walk'....

Amy said...

I'm going for some public accountability. I need you gals/guys to keep me on task.

I WILL choose better so I can attain my goals.

Thanks for your help!

Tracy said...


No "bad" choices, only different choices. Didn't those PNB eggs taste lovely? I know they tasted lovely to me! The point is, every choice we make helps us make future choices.

You know that you want to be more healthy in a couple months than you are now....and you will be! PNB eggs won't get you there, that you know! You may choose different next time, just enjoy the choices we have the luxury to make.

Tracy said...


I've got lots to share about this "no sugar" adventure. More thoughts than time right now! I'm trying to keep up!

Tracy said...


I'm just starting this "reflection" on the choice to give up sugar. It's interesting on so many levels....

Tracy said...


You must still be under 40! The face...kind of important! People see my naked face! They don't see my naked ass!

Tracy said...


This "experiment" is so much more than just "giving up sugar"...stay tuned, I think you'll like it!

Tracy said...


I working on my blog/link list....I promise! WE will all get what we need, we already do!

1gabby1 said...


OOPS! My bad...I meant my naked face. Thanks for catching that. Yes I 'll take those extra lbs. so that my face is fuller. My 43 year old face ;)