Sunday, April 6, 2008

Before I forget....

Friday AM weight 134.0
8:30am KB (260 snatch points)
6:30pm 1 hour walk


cream/coffee 150 cal.
fuji apple (8oz.) 12o cal, 12 almonds 120 cal.
beans and lamb + veg soup 475 cal.
turkey thigh meat (6oz.) 300 cal.
salad on a stick w/ceasar dip 350 cal.
misc. 100 cal

Total 1615

I missed 5:30am yoga, I just let myself get busy on the computer. And then by the time I finished my KB workout I had to rush off to train a client @10am, and since I didn't plan my morning well, I exercised my option of fruit and grabbed an apple on my way out the door. It was the first fruit serving I had this week, so it was fine that it weighed more than 6oz.

Saturday AM weight 134.2
7:00am 30 min. KB's
8:00am Bikram yoga

High Calorie Day Menu (crazy ass, unplanned, seriously huge, no sugar, learning experience!)

oats/yogurt/rice/yam craziness
almond butter/unsweetened coconut flakes
peanuts...lots, and then more!
corn chips...hey, at least they didn't have sugar!
bread w/butter....oh yes, that's right I can have bread! And I can have butter! Killer!
pasta/italian sausage/ mean I actually got a veggie in! Miracle!

Calories....who the hell knows....but if I had to guess, if I had to force myself to look at it....honestly....I would have to say around 4000...and even that might be low!

Hmmnn....did I enjoy it? I'm not sure....I must of enjoyed some of, after all, no one held a gun to my head, LOL. I'm I beating myself up? No. It's just a good opportunity to make sure next time I plan better, and enjoy it more.

Sunday AM weight 138.2
8:00am Bikram yoga
6:30pm 50 minute walk

Low calorie Menu

coffee/cream 200 cal. (throughout the day)
fuji apple 120 cal. (8oz)
almonds 200 cal.
veggies/cesar dip 120 cal.
sm veg soup 80 cal.
misc. 150 cal.

Total calories 870

After Saturday's crazy, no sugar, high calorie, overeating binge, I woke up seeing a number on the scale I haven't seen in a long, long time. So, I went to Bikram yoga, as usual, burping up the taste of peanuts and started again! I did alot of cooking in the afternoon, and the misc. calories were the food I ate while tasting for correct seasonings.

I had thought about doing a KB workout this afternoon, since it had worked out so well last Sunday, but I couldn't get my head into it. Instead, I cleaned out the fridge by cooking, and using the veggies I hadn't gotten to yet, before another shopping trip.

By the way....the cardoons sucked! I cooked them (or should I say, "tried" to cook them) on Thursday, and I don't know what I did wrong, but even I couldn't save them! Mark did what I did, which was we actually spit them out of our mouths! Stringy, crunchy, a bad way!

OK, so let's end on a positive note.....I am so lucky to be able to eat a huge bag of peanuts, I am so lucky I love to cook, as well as eat, and I am so lucky to have the capabilty, desire and openess to try new foods. Lucky to live where I live, with all of the fresh food goodness, and all of the ethic food diversity, and so much available to is good, food is good, I am good.


Lisa said...

How is it possible to gain 4 pounds in one day????? Is there something wrong with your scale, like low batteries?

Tracy said...


I know, crazy huh? First of all...the carbs hold alot of water,(oats, rice, tortilla, beans, bread and pasta...all in one day!), in fact my weight is still way high, two days later...I won't be doing that again any time soon.

Time for a major cleanse! lol