Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Have Enough Food.

Do you know that this country produces 3,900 calories, per day for every man, woman, and child? And the average adult only needs a bit more than half of that amount and children much less? What does that mean? It means we have way too much food available to eat, and much of it will, it has to, end up in the garbage.

I often tell people that if they think food in this country is about nutrition, then they are mistaken. It's about profit...for the food companies. But that's another topic for another time.

I've realized this state of food abundance for quite a while....just look around in any grocery store. How can all of this food get eaten? Well, we sure do try don't we, lol? But just recently I've realized how much food I buy....still too much. I certainly have times where eating too much food is obvious, too much of the wrong foods that is. But I still eat too much of the right foods also! What do I mean? Can a person eat too much of the right foods? I think so.

If I think about my food buying habits, my food eating habits, I would have to say that they are probably "rooted" in food scarcity. In other words, I often feel as if I won't have enough food. And that feeling sends out a sense of panic, a sense of anxiety. I always feel as if I need to "stock up". God forbid I run out of something I need. What do I need? How much do I really need?

Right now in my fridge...and I haven't bought any vegetables/produce besides some spring garlic, fuji apples, limes and ginger, in the last week, because I have enough stuff!(I'll be posting Gayle's apple ginger salad later today!) I already have so much, and because I know I can eat veggies in practically unlimited quantities, I keep buying, and therefore eating much more than I physically need to. Bottom line, I haven't broken this habit of overeating.

So, I decided last week that I am just going to have to cook what I have. And I have alot...still! Yesterday I made my broccoli salad with only 4 veggies....broccoli, purple carrots (from CSA 10 days ago), jalapeno, and spring garlic....and the green and purple colors were gorgeous! Normally I would of put everything I could in that salad....red bell, cilantro. red and green cabbage, etc... But less is more, right? (OK, I'm finally getting it!) I also had a warm radish salad with spring garlic, and salad greens, olive oil and lemon dressing only, some pulled pork from the freezer. Some of the radishes came from CSA last week, but I had 3 watermelon radishes from the farmers market at leat 3 weeks ago!

I have enough food!

I still have 3 bunches of leeks, 3 fennel bulbs, mushrooms, and arugula from CSA last week. Tonights dinner will use up the leeks, fennel, and with more spring garlic (I love that stuff!), I'll make a pasta dish for me and a friend. No more shopping, or at least minimal shopping and buying.

Life is good and I have enough food!


Tori said...

Wow, I knew that we produced a lot of food but not that much! I am so jealous, I wish we had CSA around here. New Mexico is a far behind when it comes to that kind of stuff. Our farmer's market doesn't start until June, I sure hope my garden gets growing fast! I can already taste the fresh tomatoes!

Tracy said...


I was just saying that I haven't bought a tomato since , maybe, Sept/Oct.? I can wait though! There's plenty of other produce to eat!

Amy said...

Have you thought about doing a t-shirt line? Seriously. You have some great one-liners that would really make people think.

First shirt: Life is full of crazy goodness.
Second shirt: Life is good. I have enough food.
Third shirt: Swing Queen (Okay, maybe not that one!) ;-)

What do ya think?

Tracy said...


Well, I couldn't have a t-shirt with 'TGU Queen', LOL Have you seen what these girls are doing? (Nikki, Fawn, Gabi) 'Crazy Strong' is their t-shirt!

I can barely deadlift the weight they press over head!