Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Let's Get Back to the Business of Fat Loss

Ok, so this 'snatch race' got me losing track of what my own training is all about, staying lean and lighter. Formula for putting on more food, train heavy! My strength is endurance. Am I the strongest woman in the world? No. And I don't care more about snatching the 24kg than I do getting this extra weight off. And I don't care more about swinging the 24kg for 1000 reps than I do getting this extra 5lbs gone! I'm a stump...a heavy stump! And part of it's fine, but if I had to be honest with myself it needs to change.

So, back to the 12kg and 16kg, for the majority of my workouts. I just have to make them harder. And how do I do that? By changing the intensity of my swing. Here's how:

Will I never use the heavier weights? Of course I will, but, more intense high volume is where I need to train right now. Can I snatch the 24kg without my bodyweight increasing? Yes, but first I have to get my body weight down....and besides, I'm not "training" specifically to snatch heavy everyday, nor do I need to! I'll leave that to the truly strong women! If I have to actually snatch 50,000 reps, then so be it....that's what I'm good at!

PS During my evening walk, I reminded myself to haul ass!


leslie said...

Knowing why we do what we do really does help us to stay on track. I've decided recently to NOT do sparring at boxing camp. Why? Because I'd only be doing it so I could tell people about it, and that's not consistent with why I train, which is to stay athletic and strong and have fun in the process.

I continue to love watching your journey!

Amy said...

A little "goal" searching helps us step back and assess what we REALLY want to achieve.

I have a saying that helps when I've lost sight of the true goal in my training (or anything in life for that matter).

"Find the Fun!!" What do I enjoy about my present training (behavior, situation, etc.)? If can't find the fun, it's time to stop and search. Joy gives energy. Yay to you for realizing where you have the most fun.

Tracy said...


I went through the "sparring" dilemma too, only I was in my early 30's, I can't imagine doing it now! I'll stick to kata.

The reason I train is simple...vanity!

Tracy said...


Living with a true competitve althlete I was conditioned to think that "fun" had nothing to do with training, and that might be true on a competitive level, but I'm not a competitve athlete and neither are most people interested in maitaining fitness.

The whole reason I started my style of kettlebell combination swing workouts was to get a huge amount of work accomplished, not get bored, and have some....dare I say?!

Mark Reifkind said...

hey, I like to have fun from training too,it's just that to me the fun comes from meeting my goals. the day to day stuff rarely is 'fun' for me, but when it pays off: big fun. But hey, everyone knows I'm nuts :))