Friday, April 11, 2008

Day 11 and Lesson Learned

Man, I wish I could relive today! Not really, but what a trip! I started out the day fine, I got up, had my coffee, got on the computer, made a big batch of hot pepper and veg soup (5 am), cleaned the house up a bit before going to 7:15am Bikram yoga. By the time class started I knew nothing would go as planned!

I felt weak in yoga class, the heat actually had me worried today! I felt very low energy and I knew I had a KB workout to do when I got home. When I come home from yoga, and I know I have to do another workout, I tell myself, "Don't think about it, just do it", but noooo.....

I talked myself into having a spoonful of almond butter before my KB workout....and then another.....and then another....and then get the picture. As I stood there mentally adding up the calories I couldn't help but think if I could just put some jelly with this, the sugar would give me that little boost of energy I needed, and have way less calories than spoonful, after spoonful, after spoonful of almond butter. But noooo.... The nut, and nut butter extravaganza was just starting.....

I remembered some crackers that I bought at Trader Joes, sesame whole wheat crackers, without any sugar...or so I thought. I took the crackers and started to spread a thin layer of nut butter on them (as I was making oatmeal), and after doing that with about 8 crackers I crunched the rest up and threw them in the garbage. And as I threw the box away I decided to look one more time at the ingredients.....clover honey! WHAT! Was I not wearing my glasses when I bought them? Oh well, I blew it now! ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!

I don't need to get into the details, but lets just say I succesfully made it 10 days without sugar!

So here's what is going to change. I will eat my 1 peice of fruit per day, probably an apple or blueberries in a shake. And I will also use the 1 tbl. of honey allowed, per week. I just tried to go too usual....all or nothing, right? Still many more lessons to learn, and I'm still excited about it, back on the wagon tomorrow.

Friday AM weight 135.0
7:15 Bikram yoga
2:00 pm KB (1000 swings in 30 min)

Menu (9:30 - 10:30am)

nuts and nut butter, crackers
yogurt (fig flavor, with yes...sugar!) & brown rice (oh yes, and a scoop of ice cream)
brownies....double whoops!

Not one stinkin' vegetable today! Can you believe it? All of this food put me in a short coma, and then killed my appetite for the rest of the day. ('killed my appetite', LOL Can you believe I just said that...I mean, how ridiculous! After all of that food I didn't need anymore 'appetite') I did manage to swing my ass off, doing 5 minute sets of KB one hand swings w/12kg (200 rep sets).

Life is good. I am good.


Diana said...

I honestly don't know how you went this long without sugar! I have a bowl of mini(because mini is better!) tootsie rolls right by my computer which is NEVER empty and that's not because I don't eat them!
I had two just typing this up!

Lisa said...

Diana, you should get braces! (because you can't eat Tootsie Rolls with them)

Tracy, you could have counted the clover honey as your honey. I'm sure it was under a tablespoon. But congrats on ten days without sugar.

jenny said...

10 days without sugar is a major accomplishment in my book! And I too have to watch the "all or nothing" mentality.
All a binge is though, is natures way of telling you to balance it... turn that green light on and go around :)

leslie said...

I love how you pick up and move on, no matter what happens. That's a great thing for me to see. As always, your honesty and your insight are greatly appreciated, Tracy!

Tracy said...


Tootsie rolls have corn syrup, not sugar, LOL, but I love them!

Tracy said...


Hey, I was on the "edge" already, for crying out loud! Reason, just didn't play a part!

Tracy said...


I can't tell if you are serious about the comment of "a binge" having anything to do with nature! There's nothing natural about shoveling food in your face, nonstop, until it's coming up you esophagus, LOL!

(Mark just commented, sarcastically, about the image of that know I'm just trying to be funny...right?)

Tracy said...


The nice thing about getting in the habit of letting go and moving on , is that it becomes easier and faster to do....mark my words!

Besides, what's the alternative? You should know me by now, as much as I run my mouth! I don't want to waste any of my life in any kind of misery.

Kori Bliffert, RKC, NASM-CPT said...

Tracy, I too let sugar get the best of me this past weekend. Friday was BJ's birthday and can see what happened there. Then Saturday and Sunday we had dessert after our meals. I felt bad after eating it, but DAMN it tasted good!!!!! :)