Thursday, April 3, 2008

Salad on a Stick

So, I got this great idea I call "salad an a stick"! The "stick" refers to the veggie....carrot stick, celery stick, broccoli stick, etc.... One of my friends loves veggies and dip, usually a mayo/yogurt base with ginger or horseradish, garlic, etc... Too much mayo makes it too calorie dense, so I made my own, and for around 250 cal. I get a whole cup of dressing/dip for my veggie's quite a bit of food, and fun to eat.

Lime and Garlic Dip

plain yogurt (Your choice, nonfat, 2%, or full fat, about 8oz. I use one 7oz container of Fage, Greek style yogurt available @ Whole Foods and Trader Joes.)
1 tbl. olive oil
lime juice, 2-3 tbl. (1-2 limes)
1 garlic clove, pressed
salt, a generous pinch

about 225 calories

Cesar Dip
plain yogurt, 8 oz.
1 tbl. olive oil
lemon juice, 1 lemon
anchovy paste, or minced anchovies (2-4 t.)
garlic clove, pressed
parmesean cheese, 1-2 tbl.

about 280 calories

Basil, Tomato Dip

8oz. plain yogurt
1 tbl olive oil
handful of basil, minced
sundried tomatoes, minced ( 2-3, if packed in oil, reduce olive oil)
garlic, 1 clove pressed
salt, generous pinch
about 275 calories

Avocado, Lime Dip

plain yogurt 8oz.
lime juice
garlic, 1 clove pressed
jalapeno, minced
1/2 avocado, mashed
generous pinch of salt

about 280 cal.

Lots of other ideas, like olive tapanade dip, bleu cheese, lemon and capers, salsa, cilantro, etc..

Today I had purple and orange carrot, celery, and broccoli, "sticks", along with french radishes with their greens. Other options like, red bell, green onions, blanched asparagus or green beans, etc..
Thursday AM weight 134.6
3:00pm 45 min walk


coffee/cream 120 cal.
oats/milk/almonds 250 cal.
salad on a stick, with lime garlic dip 350 cal.
veg soup 200 cal.
lg pork chop 350 cal.
brown rice w/yam 200 cal.

Total calories 1470 (no sugar, 3rd day!)

I'm going to bed a little hungry tonight, oh well I'm not going to die...I can feel the scale going down though! I had a break between clients this afternoon, and on the way to Whole Foods I decided to go on a walk's a good thing I live out of my car, like a vagabond, because I had some extra shoes for walking, in the back, next to my bells! 5:30am yoga tomorrow, KB's and then I get to spend the afternoon at the Salon getting pretty!

I mentioned to Mark that we should have one candlelit dinner a week...tomorrow night just might be it!
Mustard Greens
Baby Spinach
Baby Salad Greens
Parsnips (more puree!)
Purple carrots
and flowers!

This was probably my least favorite so far. I don't eat alot of salad greens, and I like to wash my own lg spinach. Although I am excited about the mustard greens and the cardoons, both I have never cooked or eaten. The bright orange, fat, carrots last week were so freakin good and sweet, they made the puple ones this week taste "grassy", now I know not to buy them at the Market.
Life is good, veggies are good.


Mark Reifkind said...

I'm in the mood for some salad so I'll take some of them off your hands, lol.

Amy said...

Thanks for the dip recipes! I've been dipping my veggies in blue cheese dressing (just a dab); however, your options look a lot more tasty and healthy. I'll be whipping up some dips this weekend for sure!

Tracy said...


You're in the mood for salad, huh?

I know what kind of mood you're in, and my hands are only part of it! LOL

Tracy said...

Amy, calories! Dip away!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea!!!!! And the dip recipes!!! Thank you!

1gabby1 said...

Wow! I love the dip ideas, genius. I always have greek yogurt on hand to add to my smoothies for extra protein. this way I don't get bored with raw veges. Thanks Tracy.
p.s. I left you a comment regarding the Courtney Cox quote...I meant to say my face OOPS! ;)

Tracy said...


Try the Ceasar! I omitted the olive oil for extra parmesean...OMG!

Tracy said...


Hmmnn...genius...I like that, lol!

But seriously, I'm digging this idea! I get to so much dip for so many veggies, for so few calories!

Anyone notice that all of the dip suggestions are 'sugar and sweetness' free? Just think of the possibilities if you add the element of sweetness! ( After April I post some!)