Tuesday, April 8, 2008

One Week Without Sugar

Well. I made it....7 days.....it wasn't that hard. The hardest part so far was just the loneliness...the sadness of not even an itty, bitty, bit of sugar! The trade-offs I had to make have been interesting, I'm not sure it's the best food approach for me. And the physical/chemical effects have yet to be real obvious.

The first thing I noticed was how often I automatically reached for sugar when it came to snacking. Snacking in the form of unconscious reaching for oral fixation, not "planned snacking". Unplanned snacking is one thing that leads to many calories unaccounted for. Passing by the mints at the reception area of work....looking around the house for a little "sumpin, sumpin", almost asking Mark for a bite of his ice cream bar. All of these empty, and extra calories add up, but more importantly is that the habit of eating unconsciuosly that needs to be changed. And I think that limiting what I can choose from, automatically, makes me more aware, more conscious....and that's a good thing.

Then came a little sadness! Sad at the thought of a whole month without my little "sumpin, sumpins". "But why? Why did it have to come to this?" (giving sugar up completely!) , I would ask myself! Momentarily acting like a victim. Can't I just be normal? Why does life have to be so complicated? Blah, blah, blah.

Now, the trade-offs.....

No sugar, obviously, but fat and carbs are allowed! So, I have become the queen of nuts and nut butter. Fats are so much higher in calories than sugar, so when I do look for a little something, my choices are always at least 100 calories! And 10 freakin almonds don't last near as long as a 70 calorie chocolate sucker, and not near as satisfying! I mean really 10 almonds? What are some other choices? Carrot sticks? I guess roasted veggies might be good, Ill have to use at least 1tbl. oil. Maybe I just have to eat a meal and get over it, OR, how about this....no snacking! Now there's a thought! Maybe I can get this 5lbs. off now, lol!

Crackers are out..they have sugar. Bread...is not a food that I eat, although maybe a slice with butter (1 t., 130 cal total) might be a consideration. Chips? Corn chips don't have sugar, but they're fried in fake fat. Popcorn? Wow, it's been so long since I've had popcorn, I didn't think about it until just now. I did buy some jicama...maybe jicama with lime juice? I think I'll try the "no snacking" idea from now on...I said I'll try...whoops, I mean, yes, that's what I'll do...no snacking.

So much more to write about this subject! It's actually taken me 2 days to get this posted! So the update since I started writing 2 days ago....

I've had 2 1/2 apples total in the last 7 days and I haven't used my option for 1 tbl. honey, per week, so far. I might of given in yesterday (Tuesday) if this whole thing wasn't in support of another person, but my main reason for keeping this going 100% by our rules, is that I'm really interested to see how this plays out physically. I've actually gained weight because of the higher calorie "carb and fat" choices I've made, but I'm curious to see where my bodyfat lands at the end of the month, now that I know I still have to limit my carbs, big time, my weight should even out over this next week. And lastly....I'm not sure this "sadness" isn't an effect on my brain from no sugar, but if it is, how long will it take to "feel" better, if not better than ever! More to come.

Monday AM weight 138.0
5:30am Bikram yoga
8:00am KB

coffee w/cream 120 cal.
veggie soup w/turkey (5oz) 350 cal.
veggies, PNB, yogurt 350 cal.
Indian lamb with lentils and spinach, 2 servings 700 cal.
Total calories 1520

I made this awesome Indian Lamb w/Lentil recipe in my pressure cooker on Monday! I've never made "Indian" food, but this was relatively easy, and I'll share it soon on this blog. I like to make new recipes a few times to work out the 'kinks'...the biggest 'kink' is the use of coconut milk @ 14o cal per 1/4 c. (980 cal!). So I made it again with chicken stock and 1/2 the amount of coconut milk.....not as good, but good in a different way. So this next time I'll use 'lite' coconut milk I found at Whole Foods.

Tuesday AM weight 137.0 (going down....)
6:30am Bikram yoga
9:30am KB speed swings 45 min.
6:30pm Fast walk

coffee/cream 120 cal.
oats/milk, 210 cal,
pistachios 100 cal. 1/2 fuji apple 50 cal.
lg veggie salad w/ceasar dressing 250 cal.
tuna/mayo 250 cal.
lg. stirfry w/agretti, turkey (5oz), and leftover roasted squash 650 cal.
brown rice/yogurt/yam 250 cal.

Total calories 1880

I got this veggie called 'Agretti' in my CSA box 2 weeks ago, and I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with it (I'll look for a picture and post it), so it sat in the fridge. Yesterday I decided to just 'go for it' before it was too late...I so don't like throwing perfectly good veggies away! Wow! It was "the bomb', lol. I'm so happy to see that it's coming again in my box today! Now I just have to figure out where else I can find it....I have never seen it before, even at the Farmers Markets! I'll post more details about it on this blog.


Christine said...

I was doing awesome until Day 6 (yesterday) - my dad has been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer, metastasized in his brain, and while at the hospital, I ate a rather large bag of m&ms. Can we say emotional eating? Other than that, though, I didn't eat. I'm going to really try to keep eating well and planning my food to bring to the hospital.
My mom was even disappointed when she saw me binge on sugar "but you've been doing so well!" Yeah, yeah, I know.

Tracy said...


Well, I never needed stress to binge, sorry to hear about your dad.

Right now, I'm not diggin' this at all! Does "So well" need to be NO sugar...none? I don't know!

Anonymous said...

I think a little sugar is okay, the fruit and honey type stuff. I think processed cookies/cakes is what is bad. Also, like you said, other choices are higher in calories, and a chocolate sucker that can last a while if you go slow, is better than ten measly almonds! To me, it's a question of making yourself feel deprived, which I think sets you up for more binge eating or eating stuff you don't really want b/c you're denying yourself what you want. If that makes sense.

Christine, I'm very sorry about your dad. Cancer sucks, we're dealing with it in my family, too.

Christine said...

And yet somehow, I am down another pound today, two pounds in two days! It's the "stress and m&ms diet"!

Tracy said...


I'm thinking that sugar is not were I need to make adjustments....although the jury is still out. Certainly, it would help to decrease the amount of sugar that I eat, but how much? We'll see!

Tracy said...


Wait another day, and then weigh yourself! lol You ought to know by now...you can run, but you can't hide!

Lisa said...

Christine and Jenn,

Me three. We just found out my Grandma has breast cancer. :(