Thursday, May 1, 2008

Road Trip Lunch

Here's what I packed for the road,
Sliced Fuji apple w/ginger and lemon
Sliced strawberries
Cabbage/broccoli slaw w/chicken and curry dressing
Salad on a stick w/ceasar dip (2 containers of veggies, cut up)
Pasta salad w/collard greens, chicken and black olives

This should be plenty of food for the day, and some left over for the beach tomorrow! Although I'm planning on cooking once I get there around dinner time, and I'm taking some agretti with me for a meal tomorrow. Gotta run....
Life is good!


Amy said...

Yum! I wish I could reach out and take a dip from Iowa!!

You're all set. Have a great time!

Tracy said...


Your pictures at the Cert were great!

I've been here in Santa Barbara without taking one picture yet! Maybe today I'll get a few.

I'm going to the beach first thing this morning, then to yoga, then to a really great Farmers Market...more cooking before I leave. The problem is that i don't travel with a personal photographer!

Amy said...

My husband Jerry was my personal photographer, chauffeur, masseuse, and all around get me what I need guy during the cert. The best part? He's now considering starting up with the KB I bought him. Everyone at the cert asking him if he trained with KBs made him feel like it was time. It is a little strange that the wife is heavy into KBs and the husband doesn't even touch them (except to bring them out to the truck for me once in awhile). I have all summer to whip him into shape!