Friday, April 11, 2008

Day 10, and Lessons Learned

OK the hardest part of cutting sugar out of my foods is the remaining food choices....the trade offs. And, although I don't notice too much "moodiness", Mark is ready to wring my neck, lol!

So the past 2 days have been great as far as my food choices go. I learned a huge lesson this past weekend about carbs. Beans, squash, rice, oats, yogurt/milk, are not bad choices, but too much is still too much. And chips (corn), bread/tortilla, pasta in addition to all of that in the same about losing one's mind! It's Friday, and although I'll weigh myself in about an hour (5am), I don't think I've managed, even with tons of workouts, and stricter caloric intake, to get rid of last weekend's cheat day. (although my weight has gone down everday...slowly)

But the lesson learned was not so much about the carbs as it was taking responsibility for eating too much! I was, and have been eating too much food. I thought I was getting away with something, but the scale wouldn't let me...... It was time to walk the talk....hear my own words...."if you weigh more than you want to, you are eating too much food" bottom line. I've gotten out of some eating and food habits that got me, and kept me at my bodyweight goals.

As far as my moods.....Mark was begging me to eat some sugar yesterday, but I think I was just my 'normal' bitcheyness! There is no way I'm cheating. I still think some sort of breakthrough, whether physical or mental, yet to come! I don't think I've had any physical changes as far as withdrawl....headaches, uncontrollable urges, or even feeling leaner, or fatter, etc.. And the mental stuff....yes, I've thought about cheating, but that was just a thought, I know I won't. And as I've already mentioned, a little emotional sadness.

At the very least, I think this experience will make me more aware of my snacking habits, and I know I'll cut sugar back drastically when this is over. Wow, did I just say that? Was that me, or have I finally gone mad!

Wednesday AM weight 136.4
7:15 & 9:15 Bikram yoga
1:00pm 600 + snatch workout


coffee/cream 120 cal.
almond butter 190 cal.
lamb, lentils, veggies 400 cal
curry coleslaw w/chicken (4oz.) 500 cal.

Total calories 1210

This stinkin weight just wasn't coming off! Too much food! Cut way back on portions and carbs, I've got to quit messin' around.

Thursday AM weight no data (still not in the habit)
6:30 am Bikram yoga
9:00am misc swings w/8kg
6:00pm 45 minute walk


coffee/cream 180 cal.
almonds (6) 60 cal.
warm radish salad w/baby lettuces, oil & lemon, smokey blue cheese (1oz) 300 cal
oats/milk 260 cal.
lamb, lentil, veg stew 400 cal.
yogurt/blueberry and strawberry shake w/fiber 350 cal.

Total calories 1550

I haven't had my daily fruit serving regularly, instead I've been 'banking' my fruit for special occasions if I feel the need for sweetness. Same with my option of honey...I haven't had any yet. So, last night I used one serving each of blueberries and strawberries (frozen), because I had to use plain yogurt in my shake. In the past I've used vanilla or maple...and you know what, I was concerned that the shake wouldn't be sweet enough, but it was fine, more than fine!

Life is good, and sugar might not be bad, it's how we eat it and how much of it we eat. But isn't that true of all foods?


Happiness Within said...


I agree wholeheartedly with your statement about how much we eat is of great importance. I know that if I eat a brownie (my favorite) and truly savor a small piece, that is fine. If I devour a brownie and do not taste it, I am not enjoying the food itself but trying to cover up something else, usually for me a feeling (boredom).

My mom just gave me her 4-month old exercise bike. It is in my living room next to my lonely KB. I will be doing some KB/bike workouts this weekend.


Keturah Y. said...

Good for you, Tracy! No need to give in to sugar. I just finished lunch and I ate a Ferrero Rocher just for you ;-)

I tried limiting sugar to a once-a-week treat and succeeded very well. I felt really good! But I've gotten away from the discipline. I might try it again, and might not. I haven't decided yet.

Tracy said...


About the speed in which we sometimes have a tendency to eat.....most of the time when I overeat, I eat fast, and then it's over so quick I look back and think, 'did I even enjoy that?'. Not to mention the fact that I eat way more than I'm even physically hungry for. I need to get in the habit of slowing down, for all food, healthy and crap! (especially the crap!)

Wow, the bike's only 4 months old? Cool! We should start some sort of walking club or hiking day, and take turns walking and hiking trails near us! I'm game!

Tracy said...


Did you eat an 'extra' one for me, lol?

I'm with you on limiting sugar, but not necessarily eliminating it...(my next blog post!)