Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rise to the Occasion of Your Everyday Life, The Swing Quest

I would love to write a blog post about this mornings 2013 The Swing Quest, but I'm beat!  All I have to say is that everybody amazed me in the most positive way!  One of my students that has never done more that 1/4 of what we did this morning stayed and completed it, and was happy about it!  Her intention was to only stay for one 500 rep workout!  Another student paced herself doing what she could and chose her bell size carefully to be able to finish with all of us.  And yet another who started training with me just last year, has already lost a good amount of weight, and has never missed a workout, killed it at the event this morning.  Oh yes, and a facebook friend that has only been training with me using my DVD's fit right into the group and completed each and every swing!

The Swing Quest is an idea I came up with last year before my book came out and I still have a lot of work to do to get it up and running.  First I have to define what it is, and I will, as soon as I figure it out!  But what I can tell you is what it isn't.  The Swing Quest is not a "challenge" to do more swings than anybody else on the planet!  It's a commitment.  A commitment to training regularly, whether it's swings or something else. The point is not to rise to the occasion for a one time event, or a month long of workouts.  The point is to rise to the occasion of your everyday life and to live to your physical potential.

I was hoping to model The Swing Quest events like marathons, to organize and offer them a few times a year so we could all train together.  But the difference is that it's not a race, but it a particular distance.  Yes it is designed for over 2000 swing reps, based on the "2 hour distance", but you can swing less, or swing light if that's where you are this time!  I hope to break it down and translate it into the equivalent of a 5K or 10K working up to the marathon.  Either way it's all good and fine!  The goal is to show up, and keep showing up because The Swing Quest is never over!

I hope I can get it together, and work out the details to inspire you to want to be part of The Swing Quest with me, with us!  You are all invited!

June 29th, 2013. Be there or be square!


Roland Denzel @ said...

I like it! I wish there were more fitness events like this vs 5k, 10k, and marathons.

People love to sign up to run (for charity or a personal challenge), when there are many healthier (and more fun) things they could do to challenge themselves.

Diana said...

A sweet looking "finisher's" medal would top off such a great event!!

Just saying....

Thee Tuesday said...

I wanna do it!