Sunday, March 24, 2013

"50/50" And what would you do with 30 sets of 15/15?

Saturday morning I start out my own training for 90 minutes, along with two other women, Meg and Maribel.  For the most part they do what I suggest!  Of course they do, that's why they keep coming!  I consider this first 90 minutes of the morning an Advanced level.  It's not just the level of skill, but 90 minutes, 1 1/2 hour is a long, long training session.  In fact I don't know of a whole lot of other people that train much more than 1 hour, if even that.

Meg and Maribel have been training with me for years and I can give them a quick run down of what I want to do, and we'll be off!  I don't have to count reps, or lead them through a particular combination which comes in handy when I'm training with the weights that are challenging and appropriate for me....I'm kinda busy breathing!

I'm barely recovered from my hamstring strain I got a couple of weeks ago during my SFG Cert, but I needed desperately to swing long and heavy.  But I also have to practice next weekends 'The Swing Quest' workouts.  The Swing Quest workouts never have sets longer than 40 reps (1 min), so I altered this one for next weeks workout.

In this Intermediate/Advanced routine all sets are 50 reps done starting every two minutes (1.25 min work/45 sec rest).  Becasuse it's only slightly more difficult because of the work to rest ratio the size weight you use turns it into an advanced workout!  When I posted this workout last August I did not have a video demo, so here it is!  I trained two rotations, the first w/16kg, and the second w/20kg.  And because I used two heavy weights, and trained two rotations and trained sets of 50 I've re-named this workout "50/50"!  This is my actual workout and you won't hear me talking much through the 20kg half!  20kg one hand swings are no joke!

150 16kg 2 hd sw
100 16kg one hd sw
150 20kg 2 hd sw
100 20 kg one hand sw

10 sets of 50, 500 swing total, 20 minutes

We then went on to a quick double and single clean/press/squat warm up, maybe 8-10 minutes.  After the warm up we were all on our own for 30 15/15 sec sets (15 minutes.  I chose squats because I have to make myself do them!

4 dbl sq w/12kg's x 5 sets (2.5 min)
4 sngl 12kg front sq x 10 sets (5 set R, 5 sets L, 5 min)
4 gblt sq w/20kg x 5 sets (it was still in front of me from the swing workout! 2.5 min)
4 gblt sq w/16kg x 5 sets
4 gbl sq w/14kg x 5 sets (whew!)

120 sqats total 
15 min

Meg chose to do all sets of one clean/4 presses;

4 press w/14kg x 10 sets (5 R, 5 L, 5 min)
4 dbl press w/12kg's x 10 sets (5 min)
4 press w/14kg x 4 sets (2 R, 2 L, 2 min)
4 dbl press w/12kg's x 6 sets (3 min)

56 14kg press
64 dbl 12kg's press
15 min.

Maribel chose to do a combination of all three!  She did three sets 10 times;

4 press L w/10kg
4 press R w/10kg
4 gblt sq alternating w/10kg, 12kg, 14kg, repeat two more times starting with 10kg, 12kg, 14kg, and ending the very last set w/dbl 10kg's!  Wow, she laddered up the intensity!

80 10kg press
36 sngl sq
4 dbl sq
15 min.

Looks like Meg also laddered up the intensity, while 'yours truly' laddered down!  Actually I kind of waved the intensity of my squats.  What I didn't realize until the end is that I pretty much did 20 squats with 24kg (dbl 12's), 20kg, 16kg, 14kg and 12kg R, 12kg L.  You can't get much more variety than that!

What would you do with your 15 minutes in 30 sets of 15/15?

We ended the workout with some speed work.  A slightly 'beyond Max' snatch routine for the last 20-25 minutes.

300-350 approx. 12kg snatches

On to my 8:30-9:30 Intermediate class when we did some super fun practice with "cleans" and ended with?  Anybody guess?  Yep, swings!


chrystad72 said...

Love this workout and cant't wait to try it. I would have gone with the squats too I think. Actually pretty similar since Im working on my squats so Double front to start then heavy goblets and ladder those down. Generally I like starting heavy first and then tapering off.

Take care of that hammie!=)

Tracy Reifkind said...


Gotta get those stinkin' squats in when I can! And when it comes to squats I usually "wave" the loads. Increase, then decrease!

The hamstring injury has mostly affected my yoga practice. But I'm taking it back with a daily "pep do"!

Maribel said...

Ok, I had no idea you were recording or I wouldn't have made the "your butt looks good" comment! LOL!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I doubt anybody caught your remark! lol

But personally I did not watch the video in it's entirety myself, since I was there in person! We talked about a bunch of shit! I don't think very many people watch it all, much less listen to our conversation!