Monday, March 18, 2013

Getting on with the Adventure

It's been just a week since my three day Strong First Certification weekend. One week since having to perform hundreds of double 16kg swings, AND hundreds of dbl 16kg power swings in addition to hundreds of reps in the clean, front squat, presses, snatches, Get-ups.  Strength and technique testing in all the skills on the third day after the first two 10 hour days.....I may be getting too old for this!

For the first time ever, in my entire life, I said to my training partners that I wish I was 29 again!  Even I couldn't believe I felt that way because I've never wanted to be younger.  I've never felt held back because of my age.  And it wasn't that I felt held back this past weekend, after all I was successful at passing my snatch test with the 20kg, something most women half my age can't do, it's my recovery!

I trained dble 16kg and single 32kg and 36kg swings for an 8 week cycle in preparation for SFG, along with heavy Get-ups, Max vo2 snatch practice, front squats (which I rarely did before) etc., but not knowing how much more would be asked of me.  Near the end of day one I felt a pretty strong muscular strain on the back of my left calf, but I trained through it.  That night I couldn't straighten and stretch that leg out completely without extreme pain.  In the morning I asked Mark to look at it and that's when he told me that the back of my knee was severely swollen.  I was freaked out.  At this point all of my future training goals were at risk.  What if I couldn't continue my own swing practice or lead classes?  What about my new interest in GS sport?  I had my 'real' life to think about and that had to take priority over this certification.

I did what was required on day two, trying to be smart about my potential injury while knowing I had testing on Sunday (day three).  The order of the day was Get-ups, squats, and snatches, and of course the obligatory swings (dble and single) and I managed to not make it worse.  I was there to learn about teaching and training and to use the strength and skills I have been practicing every week for years, not to 'workout'.

2013 is proving to be an extraordinary year as I expected, but not in the ways I predicted!  I forgot to quit being so serious and have more fun!  Having fun doesn't mean being stupid and disrespectful of true responsibilities, it means to be and feel light....isn't that what young feels like?  I have so much more now than I did when I was 29!  Now let's get on with the adventure, shall we?  29?, 49?  Bring it!


chrystad72 said...

Congrats on SFG!! Thats awesome. How is you leg feeling now? I hope everything is all healed up and that you are feeling better. Thanks so much for this post too. Im training for SFG in Salt Lake so I really enjoyed reading about your experience. Congrats!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Thank you, and I'm still having to take it easy which is really pissing me off! It's mostly affecting my yoga practice since I cannot "lock" my leg put any weight forward on it. I've got things to do! Doesn't my hamstring know that?

It was probably caused from so much generated tension in my quads with a whole day of wide stance dble 16kg power swings and then followed by clean/presses, because I felt it really get tugged on the first double press I did in the grad workout! My hamstring pulled during a press!

Good Luck in SLC, I'm sure you will have a story or two!