Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Everything Old is New Again! Five 2 minute 16kg snatch tests revisted!

I came across a snatch workout I did two years ago (almost exactly).  It consisted of five 2 minute snatch sets w/16kg resting 2 minutes in between each work set.  The sets were tested for reps, all out.  Although I forgot about doing it until I came across it, I completely remember that day and how hard it was!  And you do know when I say "hard" I mean "fun", right?  I was surprised at how short a 2 minute rest period is, but then again a 2 minute work set goes by pretty quickly too!

As I mentioned, the original workout was, for the most part, done for highest rep total.  My rep counts 2 years ago were:

set #1 57 reps
set #2 57 reps
set #3 57 reps
set #4 58 reps
set #4 58 reps

In total, 10 minutes of work, 287 16kg snatch reps

Because of my recent interest and adventure into Kettlebell Sport, where the goal is only one hand switch per 10 minute set, the longer you train your grip and your technique to last before having to switch hands the better.  So this time around I decided to train the first set 'all out' switching hands when I felt the need.  The next 3 sets I would try a 'hand switch progression'.  The second set I switched every 30 seconds.  The third set I switched at 45 sec, leaving two 15 sec switches at the end.  The forth set I switched at 1 min/1min, and the last set I went all out again...well at least all out as I could!

I never did post the original workout OR video, so here is the first set from 2 years ago and all five of the sets I did yesterday.

March 2011, set #1 57 reps

This was done using my "old" snatch test rep strategy of:
7/7 (50 reps, repeat to equal 100 if I were doing a 5 min test)
+ 7 R
Funny looking back at it know how I was so afraid of 10 consecutive reps and mow I can do 20 +, hell I did 18 consecutive 20kg reps a couple of weeks ago!  I've come a long way, but in some ways not really!  Total rep count was nearly the same!

Here I switched hands when I felt the need.  Like my 20kg test a couple of weeks ago I depended on the video (or counter) to give me a total rep count and I only switched when I felt I needed to.  The breakdown went like this
10 R/ 11 L
12 R/ 13 L
7 R/ 8 L
2 R
total 58 reps

This next set, #2, I switched hands every 30 seconds.  The breakdown went like this,
14 R/14 L
11 R/13 L
total 53
My left side is usually stronger because it's driven by my right leg.  You may start to see a new technique developing....

Set #3, the first hand switch was at 45 sec, that left a 30 sec interval so I had to switch at 15 second R and L at the end.  The breakdown?
20 R/17 L
6 R/ 7L
total 50
So you see, the less you get to switch hands the more you have to conserve your grip.  In the next set for sure you will see a huge difference in form and technique when I could only switch hands one time.

Last set with restricted hand switch, 1 min/1 min,
23 R/21 L 
total 45
I think I take more time getting in the last rep on the R side, and because of that the transfer swing takes 5 seconds out of the time my L has.  Interesting to me that I'm not purposely trying a different technique!  But once you train for endurance it's almost a natural progression to use you hips and the momentum of the bell more than your grip and pure brute strength.

Okay, enough fun!  Last set so let's get back to some "all out" go for it snatches!  I chose to switch at a traditional 10 reps per R and L
10 R/10 L x 4 
5 R
total 55

The total for five two minute sets was 261 compared to two years ago 287, a 26 rep difference.  Not scared of more than 10 snatches anymore!  But I also felt the rest period of 2 minutes was more than enough, where as when I went for total reps, mulitple hand switches two years ago I was still sucking wind as the rest period ended!  26 total reps makes a huge difference, but what is the training goal?  This time around I had other priorities, next time? Well, who knows!  It was still hard and hell of fun!  261 26kg snatches before my swing workout?  Nice!

PS  I lead my next class through their workout for an hour, but it wasn't really "my" swing workout. So I did some 28kg swings around 12noon, alternating two sets,
20 2 hd sw reps "otm"
10 2 hd sw reps "otm"
x 10 rounds
300 reps, 20 minute

Not even at an equal work to rest, but it was the 28kg for god's sake after a long morning! lol


Judit Lantos said...
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Judit Lantos said...

Love the hair!

Snatches are cool, too :)

Tracy Reifkind said...


And so are people that snatch! Wait until you learn a "GS jerk" Personally I think it's cooler than a snatch! I'll post a "mid jerk" picture soon!

chrystad72 said...

Love the different breakdown and the way you explained each strategy for the snatch test. Im currently getting ready for my 5 min test. in May for SF so was really interesting to read how you went about working yours. Actually I wanted to ask, if you don't mind, could I email or FB message ya about your experience with SF? Just had a few questions since Im really gearing up for the one in May. Just in general stuff and would love to hear your thoughts!