Monday, March 4, 2013

It Don't Mean a Thing, if I ain't got my swing!

A couple of years ago, right after my story was published in Tim Ferriss's 'The 4 Hour Body' I started getting phone calls from people looking to learn more about kettlebells and of course the kettlebell swing specifically.  Some wanting private sessions, some wanting classes and/or group training options, but they all were looking for the same promise to lose weight, and/or get in shape, fast! (and easy!)

My life didn't change that much as far as my own personal routine.  I did what I had been doing for the previous 5 years, or so, training every T/TH/Sat, preparing and making my own homemade meals, keeping a blog, and teaching kettlebells as a Certified Instructor.  Yes, I did get a handful of new business but nothing really had changed, which was perfectly fine with me, I had everything I needed!

One day one of my clients, who found me because of '4HB', said to me "Wow, 'The 4 Hour Body' must have really changed your life!"  To which I quickly responded by correcting her, "No, the swing changed my life!"

If it weren't for my training the kettlebell swing I would have never been lucky enough to have part in 'The 4 Hour Body' in the first place.  But even if Tim Ferriss would have never shared my story in 4HB I still felt as if I had hit the jackpot years earlier.  Of course more and more great things have kept happening since, including my own book, 'The Swing', but it all comes down to, for me, my training with  kettlebells

I really can't ever imagine a time when I will stop.  As exciting as my new venture into Kettlebell Sport is, it's because of the years of training the swing and other Hardstyle kettlebell movements that is helping me make that partial transition.  I say partial because I don't have to choose one or the other.  And neither does anybody else!  In fact training the swing compliments just about any other kind of physical sport or activity you can think of doing or want to do.  No other training has given me more and continues to open up worlds of possibilities beyond what I had ever imagined.

'The Swing' is my story.  I believe that everybody finds their own way.  It may be running/triathalon sports for some, yoga, martial arts, dance, cheerleading, skating (skateboarding), skiing, whatever!  As much as I love and believe in my training/sport doesn't mean that it's the only way.  But for me, it don't mean a thing, if I ain't got my swing!

As I write more and more about my new kettlebell adventure into GS I will always know, and I want you all to know that it is not, and never will be, a replacement, nor does it have to.  But a compliment to my practice to get and stay strong for whatever my life brings my way!

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity!"

I included this particular video of Ella Fitzgerald singing "It Don't Mean a Thing (if it ain't got that swing)", because in the introduction she explains and her love of music, all music by sharing a few different styles of "that swing"!  I interpreted her message to mean 'that swing' is the passion to which you feel.  Be it classical, country, jazz.  Be it kettlebells, yoga, or running a marathon.  It's the rhythm that is in your heart.

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Susan Hula B. said...

Oh my goodness Tracy, this just makes me smile! I have sung this song many times in my head the last couple of years when I have swinging on the brain, lol. Love Ms. Fitzgerald! What a wonderful blog post....I am excited to follow your adventures with Kettlebell Sport!