Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Max & the Rugrats, when I got back

I had rescheduled my Max class for the Monday I got back.....while in La Jolla, I managed to get in 2 of THE hottest Bikram yoga classes of my life (seriously!), I also went through the standing portion of Bikram out in the field during the Cert (in the shade of course), I also trained KB's on Sat. morning for about 60 minutes, and finally 3 walks (1 hour, 30 min. & 45 minutes), so I guess I earned all of the fruit & cheese I ate at the M&G, and before Saturday night dinner, lol! Back to Max.....

Monday morning.....I taught a 30 minute beginners class, some swings, some snatches, and then my next class showed up for Max 36:36. Two of my 7:30 class students have been doing some serious swinging with me so I thought I may be able to scale Meg's and my Max training with them (I didn't hear about the aftermath until Tuesday...this morning....that it was pretty intense, I mean brutal....yikes!).

Meg and I snatched our first 2 sets (1 L, 1 R) 17/17, the next sets I increased to 18/18, and it was clear......that was as fast as it was going to go! We had 35 sets to do and let me tell you I wasn't feelin' it....lucky for me, Meg and I were on the same page, and around the 7th/8th sets Meg volunteered the information that she wan't feelin' it either! Whew! Sometimes you just gotta work with the body that shows up that day. Mondays Max 36:36 was the longest workout ever...... Meg's got this thing where half way through Max she does a "happy dance".....no happy dance this day.....17 more sets......argg....

Meg and Tracy 12kg

17/17 x 2
18/18 x 33

628 snatches
42 minutes (not including warm up)

Brian 16kg & Rachel 8kg

18/18, repeat, the uphill ladder starting from 14-18 (20 sets total, then ladder down....)
7 L, 7 R x 5 sets (still 14 snatches, but switching hands in the same set)

514 snatches

Brian actually completed this, suffering a little blood from a callus tear, but when you move a bell fast at some point it's going to happen. Rachel's hands gave her greif too, and she had to switch some of the snathes for swings, but seriously amazing considering she's only been training with me for about 3-4 months! Unfortunately, her forearm swelled up from the bell hitting the back of her wrist, and although she's not a "flopper", her snatches looked great, just the sheer weight and speed of the bell making that much contact in such a short amount of time can do that

Willy & Nilly

Thank goodness my son Gabe's girlfriend, Lilly, aka mommy #2 (soon to be mommy #1) made leaving the rugrats for 3 days possible. When we got back, Nilly (R) was eating solid food, he started just before we left, and I think they both doubled in size, lol! They can both jump up onto our bed now (bummer, because Willy peed through all of my blankets after a nap yesterday), anyway, a couple of more weeks they'll get neutered and then go to live with Lilly at Chico State....thank God! My three youngest cats groom, play and sleep with the little boogers, but my two older cats rarely come in the house anymore and hiss like crazy at them....besides I never wanted anymore cats! Although it's been a blast having little babies again, they eventually (too fast) grow into big cats and it been a big commitment of time and energy with the feeding, litterbox training, and organization of my other cats.....I'm tired!

Now a "real" baby! Any minute I'll be a grandma....I mean a "Meemie" (that's what I'm going to try and go by, lol I'm too young to be "Grandma"). We were hoping Sophia would be born today (9/1), but it looks as if Sept. 2 will have to do! No more kittty pics (maybe one more....on the day they leave, lol, just kidding), instead my my first grandchild, my first granddaughter!


Diana said...

I'm going to miss the kitty pics-they are SOOOOO cute and getting big, but grandma, I mean "meemie" pics are cool too! Congrats on that when it happens!
I wish I could comfortably say to pack on of those little cuties in a suitcase for me, but then I'd have to pack my husband and trade ya even up! The way he's helped me get ready for this HKC, I gotta keep him!

Christine said...

Congratulations on your first grandbaby! You had your kids young like me, I think being a young grandma is an advantage! I look forward to those days. My folks 'chose' their names, too, but in the end, my oldest made up his own names for them, they're ninny and apaa. What an awesome new chapter in your lives. Enjoy it!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Diana....are you sure? Because Gabe's girlfriend Lilly (mommy #2) may not be able to become mommy #1 and take the little boogers! Working on finding homes now...I just CAN'T have 7 cats!

Tracy Reifkind said...


yes I have hopes of creating my own name, but we all know nicknames rarely work out out the way we want them to. I never liked the nickname "Gabe" for Gabriel,(my son), but what does everyone call him? Yep, Gabe!

And being a young grandma does have it's advantages, but being the "fathers mother" I can see I'm going to have to go toe-to-toe with the other grandma.....it could get ugly! (just kidding of course) I'll just buy Sophia more stuff!

Gabriel said...

Lily's going to UCDavis not Chico.