Wednesday, September 16, 2009

15 min Snatch Set Ladder

I love, love, love laddering sets. Rep ladders, weight ladders, time ladders, uphill, downhill, etc. I've been using ladders in my training for years, and have posted many routines as well as my reasons for those routines on my former blog, Living My Physical Potential. When Mark and I write my book, I'll give more detail to my many reasons why I think using this type of training is so productive.....and fun (whoops, did I say the "F" word, lol)

15 minute downhill snatch ladder
(no rest, no putting the bell down)

11/11,etc...keep going 1 rep at a time (10-6) down to

240 snatches in 15 minutes

Pace each rep increment into 1 minutes time. In other words, 15/15 snatches L & R in one minute is a fast ass pace! It's the top end of a "Max pace", and then slow down slightly every minute as you snatch 1 less rep than the minute before. I did this snatch set with my two "max" girls on Sat.....after their workout! I repeated this in my Monday class with Gen, again, and Brian. Brian used the 16kg.....that's what I want to do!

I believe the 10 snatch rep per minute is the perfect pace for long endurance snatch sets....I think I snatched the 12kg for 30 straight minutes once usins this by the time you get down to 10-9 reps you may find this pace easy, in fact take advantage of these "rest sets", lol!......and then you slow down..... Bythe time you get to 6-5 this exercise becomes more of a "snatch hold" exercise. Six snatches in 30 secs breaks down to 1 snatch hold every 5 seconds, 5 snatches breaks down to 1 snatch every 6 secs, 4 snatches for 7 1/2 secs., 3 holds for 10 secs., 2 holds for 15 sec. and the final snatch hold is a full 30 seconds! It seems as if it continues to get easy, but the beauty of it is that by the time you get down to 5's, you've been snatching for 10 consecutive minutes already.....and you still have 5 more minutes to go!

I haven't tried the uphill ladder, but you know I will! In fact I'll do both back to back....uphill/ downhill, and downhill/uphill. If you want a great 30 minute snatch workout, take your pick.....if you want an unbelievable 60 minute snatch workout, do all four....with a rest inbetween of course......or maybe not!


Diana said...

I love doing the ladders, but I start at 10-I'm a young "pup" in this world! Haven't done it for awhile since I need my hands right now to "hang" for deal life!
I need to get back to those workouts though-they do kick your ass and I'm so out of the loop from all the tri training-MUST go back....WILL go back! Can't wait till the 26th!

La Saun Taylor, RKC, AFAA-CPT said...

Hey Tracy,
I got to try this workout! I wish I could come and take your class!!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Yep, I tried to hand the other day....LOL....seriously, it was laughable! Thank goodness I've got a Master Instuctor in the house....if any one could teach me to hang for 15 sec., OR actually do a pull up then it's Mark! And if I actually let him coach me then he'll have earned his stripes!

See you in about a week! If there's anything left on you on Sunday, we'll do some swings!

Tracy Reifkind said...

La Saun,

You can take my class, lol....I'll be posting more workouts, so really, all you have to do is show up (somewhere) and swing!

Like Mark says (and I love this one....) "The bell won't swing itself!"