Friday, September 4, 2009

1 Day Old.....I mean, Young

Sophia Cristina
6 lbs. 12 ounces

Minutes after Sophia was born, my son, Rick, was standing at her bassinet looking a little.....shall we say 'in shock', lol.....I guess the reality of this new life, this new responsiblity, the miracle of creation, who knows what was going through his mind, but whatever it was, it was overwhelming to say the least. I'm a little in shock hasn't really sunk in yet because I still see my two boys as little kids.....have they really grown up?
This last year, 1 1/2 years, has been different for me. Somehow I became distracted from having a positive outlook and started to become a little more cynical. I got wrapped up in myself too much. So much pressure to be better, that meant thinner, leaner, perfect. I wondered why God sent me 2 little kittens just weeks ago....2 kittens who needed a mother, unable to survive on their own.....I already had 5 cats I didn't need more! Why? Why the responsiblity, the clean up the feedings? Maybe it was to help me pull my head out of my backside to see a bigger picture, and to focus on something other than myself. Of course I knew little Sophia was coming, and she was nice enough to wait until Mark and I got back from our RKC weekend, but now that's she's here how will my life change?
Driving home from the hospital after yesterdays visit, I was thinking so much more positively. Every thought I had was hopeful, and exciting. It's almost like getting another chance. Isn't that how Grandparents describe having grandchildren, as 'another chance' to get it right! Another chance to be a better parent....not directly of course, but to be better than you were with your own kids......I just realized though....even if my kids are grown I'm still their parent and it's never too late to do better. I can do better, and I will.....with my two boys, and now my granddaughter.... I'm not too old, I can start again, I'm only 46 years young!


Diana said...

She's awesome! Big congrats to everyone!

Granite Gourmet said...

She's beautiful! I hope she gets her grandma's wisdom to go along with her looks!

Rita Nemeth, RKC said...

Congratulations to you and to little Sophia to her phantastic grandmother! :-)

Christine said...

Beautiful baby, beautiful name! (Though I may be a little biased on the name!) I'm so happy for you, she will bring you so much joy! Enjoy this special time with your lovely little granddaughter.

Sherry said...

I am in a similar situation. I am 30 weeks preggo with kid number 4. The youngest is 2 and a half. I recently moved, so my house isn't unpacked. I'm trying to study Hypnobabies for my birth. I'm the only one that cooks/cleans. I'm busy considering I work full time.

My 9 month old Siberian Husky had puppies. We didn't know she was preggo. She ate some so we took the others away. I'm playing mommy to 3 ten day old pups. One got aspiration pneumonia so I had to nurse him back to health then his eye got infected and I'm dealing with that. The vet said he may be blind or have a deformed eye or no eye. I already had 2 dogs, just got a puppy a month ago, now this. Maybe this is thrown on me to prepare me for the baby. Maybe she's going to have special needs. I don't know. But I'm trying to make the most of it.

Hope the positive attitude sticks!!

P.S. My fish had babies. Geeze...

Jen said...

Tracy, Congratulations to you and Mark and your son and Daughter-in-Law. Sophia is a beauty! Thank you for sharing the picture :)

Babies bring such happy feelings like you described. I was feeling better just looking at her picture!! Keep them coming!

xoxoxo Jen

Tracy Reifkind said...

Thanks to all!

Tracy Reifkind said...


You make me look as if I'm on vacation!

After I read your reply, my favorite cat developed an allergy to something...we don't know what...and scratched her face off. she had to go on steroids and anitbiotics, wear a collar, then refused to use the litterbox wearing the collar....peed and pooped a couple of times in the house......meowed all night long wanting to go out....she had to be going crazy with the itching and scratching....etc. (not to mention this all happened on the Friday night before the Holiday weekend....yep, Emergeny after hours Vet, to the tune of over $300)

But it still sounds like I'm on vacation compared to the workload you have. You must be an incredibly capable woman, at least you're proving to be!

And talk about a positive attitude! Don't worry about your own baby, she'll be fine, in fact if this is supposed to prepare you for anything, it's that she'll be an angel, another light you need, I mean want, in you life.