Sunday, September 6, 2009

Max interrupted....100 reps w/16kg in 5 minutes

How can anyone attend an RKC and not be inspired? Every Cert I go to motivates me to change my training, or my teaching is some way or another. I knew, weeks before Mark and I went, that the requirements to earn your Certification had changed this year, and if I were participating as an assistant or new Cert candidate that I would have to do 100 snatches, w/16kg, in 5 minutes, oh, and with NO sock sleeves, or any other hand protection, just chalk. So I had planned to do just that, but with my Max Vo2 class after we had completed our 36:36 protocol.

I had thrown some 16kg snatch sets into our Max training 3-4 weeks ago, and for Gen it was the first time she ahd ever snatched the 16kg, so I was going to scale the 100 reps to her ability....unfortunately a past back injury reared it's ugly head so I would not have suggested she test herself at this time, besides she was out of town this that left just me and Meg.

My goal was to switch hands every 10 reps/per 30 secs....a nice slow pace...this was not a race! I also thought that it would be good for Meg and I to snatch at the same time....keeping the pace for eachother. My biggest challenge was the callus build up on my hands, where my palm meets my fingers....especially at the base where my middle fingers are.....pinch, pinch, ouch! And I could have worn my sock sleeves, afterall, this wasn't an "official" test, but no frickin' way! My hands are what wore down on the last 10 reps on my right side. My grip was fine, my strength was fine, my cardio was fine, but now I know to give way more attention on keeping that hard skin from forming.....the reason why I had not paid much attention lately, is because I had rarely been swinging those bigger handled bells, much less snatching them (16kg and up).

When my 100 reps were done, with 15 secs to spare, Meg kept going and easily snatched 5 more reps saying afterwards that she felt like she could have keep going forever (pacing is key...seriuosly)'s awesome when you get that feeling.....much different than Monday's last Max workout, lol! In fact, I had joked with Meg that after this workout she could go and run 20 miles....she said she probably would, lol......did she? I on the other hand, after swinging and TGU-ing for the previous 1 hour before, skipped 12 noon yoga in exchange for "wine shopping", and then "'wine drinking", lol!

Now.....the TGU w/16kg.....on my "bad" side! I've got to meet HKC requirements and more.....


Danny Evans said...

Hi Tracy,

I'm assuming you will be attending the HKC? My wife and I will be there, and it would be nice to meet you.

Danny Evans
New Orleans, LA

Tracy Reifkind said...


Where you find Mark, you'll find me....I never get tired of hearing Mark teach and lecture!

I'm planning on crashing the Cert all day, lol I've got 2 of my students and a 'long distance consult client' attending and I wouldn't miss it for anything.

I look forwrd to meeting the two of you and many others (maybe they'll let me train along too?)

Danny Evans said...


Sounds good, see you soon.