Friday, September 11, 2009

The Chicken or the Egg......(I like chicken, lol)

I't's 4:45am Friday morning, and if I want to Spin and yoga this morning I'll have to be on the road in about 1/2 hour so I can get an early start, on my 1 hour+ drive, to see my sweet Sophia in Fairfeild.

I haven't written a post about the subject of Transforming Thoughts of Food & Eating lately, mostly posting about training, because so much is changing for me around that part of my life. Lately my dominate thoughts about food is that being fat isn't about food, which I already knew, it's about eating. Eating behaviors, eating habits, not just the science of "calories in, calories out". Calories in/out does work, for sure, but why is it that so many, in fact most, gain weight back, lose weight, gain it back, lose it (etc.), what is driving our behavior to eventually start eating too much over and over again? Is it the amount of foods we eat? Is it the kinds of foods we eat? Is it how we feel about the foods we choose? Why can some people eat more, or eat "crappy" and not be fat? Here it is again......the chicken or the egg?

Do we eat less because we feel so good about ourselves, and our lives, and therefore eat less? OR do we start eating less, either from motivation or discipline & willpower, and therefore feel better , or good, about ourselves for eating less? Do we feel good about ourselves, or can we feel good about ourselves when we eat alot? Do we feel differently about ourselves when we eat foods we perceive as "junk foods" or "healthy"?

No time to finish this right now, it's 5:18am and I've got to go......


Anonymous said...

Congrats on Sophia! it was great to read.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Thanks Regina,

How are things on your end?

1gabby1 said...

Just wanted to drive by and say Hi!! I am so happy for You and Mark on your new Grandbaby. I love the name Sophia, so pretty! You will be the coolest grandparents ever! Hey I thought of you this am as I am off to Yin/Yang kettlebells with Kenneth Jay and Mark Cheng this am. Love this industry, thanks for your guidance : )

Tracy Reifkind said...


Yin/Yang KB's? Do tell.....

I love the KB community too, and I'm so lucky to be able to crash all of the Certs Mark teaches at, LOL!

I'm really looking forward to next weekend's, first ever, HKC....if there's room I may even participate. I've got 3 people I know that will be doing some suffering, and I'd love to suffer along!

But the best part is I'm going to see my best friend Fawn. Sounds like her KB classes are going gangbusters!