Wednesday, September 9, 2009

16kg Max....super short version

Well, Mark and I usually train Max on Tues, but we had to reschedule for today, and lucky for me Mark had a cancellation @10am, so instead of having to wait until he got home at 1:00pm (yuck) we got to train together at Girya, and get it done before 11am! woo hoo!

I know I'm going to start training Max w/16kg again soon, and I think I'll use my "mid-week" Max workout as my main Max training.....afterall, I've got a Master Instructor as my coach (how lucky am I?), so today I decided to snatch the 16kg, but only 5 reps per 15 sec. I also have decided to start working with the heavier bells with NO hand protection.....this means I'm going to have to pay close attention to hand care. (the RKC requirements are no hand protection for testing of 16kg snatches)

5 snatch hold L,
5 snatch hold R,
x 10 sets (5 each side)
5 snatch hold, L, rest, 5 snatch hold R, rest
5 snatch 10 sec./5 sec hold on the last rep, rest, 5 snatch 10 sec./5 sec hold on the last rep, rest

I alternated these two snatch tempos x 32 more sets (42 total of 50 intended).....and then I tore a callus off of my right hand....

I actually thought I was going to tear my left hand because I felt one starting and around about sets 34-35 I started having thoughts about stopping at 40. Mark and I rarely train less than 50 sets and that was the agreed upon number of sets today, but since I chose to use the 16kg (same as him BTW), and although I knew I was only going to do 5 reps per 15 sec (Mark does 7 & 8's), I haven't been snatching the 16kg hardly at all until recently, maybe as long as almost 1 just hadn't been part of my training strategy.....there just was no reason to push it except pure hardcore pride!

I kept saying to myself "OK, it's only around 10 more sets....that's only 5 per each know, you could just throw some sock sleeves on....NO! Just do the sets....why are you quitting? Just find that 'sweet spot' so that won't tear your hands....that's really the key..... don't quit now, you've never quit before....just do it"....etc.. And then at set 42 I felt it!

Now, I've trained with bleeding palms before, but it's not worth it right now at this point of my training. This was, kind of, a trail 16kg Max, just a taste of what's to come. I'll be better prepared when the real 16kg Max!

PS Last year my top 16kg Max was 60 sets of 7.....are we going for 80 sets next? Hmnn....I think so.


Anonymous said...

You are always an inspiration with your no quit attitude. I often think of you when I feel like quitting, and then I don't quit cuz I know you wouldn't. I've been using the PedEgg on my hands. As long as I don't push too hard or use it too much, it really keeps the calluses down.

Mark Reifkind said...


just remember that it wasn't too long ago that 50 sets was the "full, long" version of snatch Vo2. great job yesterday, I'm so proud of you and I love that I get to coach you.

Tracy Reifkind said...


thanks for reminding me of the pedegg....everytime I look for it at Long's (drugstore) I can't find it! I need to ask next time because I know some other people that have had great success with it.

As far as my "no quit" attitude. At a certain point you start to question why you may push something a little (or alot) further than, maybe, your better judgement tells you to. Is it that you're bored? In this case you suck it up and finish. Maybe you're tired. In this case, too bad....finish! Or sometimes, guess what? You've pushed too far already....recognize it, slow down and get off your high horse, lol