Friday, September 25, 2009


Good Lord, is it Friday already? Mark and I leave later this morning for the HKC....goodness, we were just in St. Paul less than a week ago, and now it's time to turn around and go back! I haven't had time to post this week's Viking Push Press Max workout....which totally destroyed my arms BTW, so much so that I 'crashed and burned' big time in Bikram later that day, lol(I'll explain later)

Mark and I are staying with our good friends., Aaron and Fawn. Although I got a chance to visit with them last weekend, Mark didn't really have any time to visit, and unfortunately it doesn't look as if this trip will be much different....I mean, HE actually has to work, lol! I've got 4 friends attending the HKC and it's going to be a blast....a "wet blast" according to the forecast! No time for Bikram this weekend, I plan on spending every minute at the Cert.....well, maybe Sunday, if I don't drink too much Saturday night....yeah right!

Anyway, I won't be taking my computer, but I'll take plenty of pictures to post when I get back. (Pictured above are Mark and I just before the gradworkout at last weeks RKC, and Aaron and two favorite people in St. Paul)

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