Friday, April 2, 2010

Tuesday Kettlebells....and other stuff

Tuesday mornings 6-7:00am I teach a high volume swing class. Mark starts us all off with a little joint mobility work, after which, I decided this week to teach one of my newest students to snatch. We spent the first 20-30 minutes learning the snatch, my veteran students following along with high pulls, and other snatch drills, finally settling into some snatch and swing combinations for the duration of Equinox....Tuesday is another snatch day, usually my second Max, but this week we needed a break from Max, so heavier, longer, faster sets were the order of the morning.

After my usual swing / snatch combinations for approx. 5 minutes, we went right into snatches....

16kg (Brian used the 20kg, Trevor used the 16kg)

20 snatch R, 1 minute work,
20 snatch L, 1 minute work,
1 minute rest
x 3 sets= 9 minutes

down in weight, 14kg (Brian used the 16kg, Trevor used the 12kg)

15 snatch R, 15 snatch L, 1 minute work, minute rest x 5 sets = 10 minutes

back up in weight, snatch "holds" w/16kg, I go, you go style, switching hands every 30 seconds twice, for 2 minutes work, 1 minute rest....reps are approx....

7-8 snatch R, 7-8 snatch L, repeat, 2 minutes work, 1 minute rest x 5 sets = 15 minutes

40-ish minutes

Continued on with the same swing/snatch combinations I did with my earlier class, 1 minute work to 30 sec rest for an additional 10 sets = 15 minutes. (see below)

16 kg (Brian used the same 16kg weight...shhh, I didn't tell him it was the same weight I was using)

5 snatch R, 5 snatch L, 30 sec swing combos. 1 minute work, 30 sec rest x 10 sets

Continued on with Get-up practice for approx. 20 minutes, misc bottoms up cleans, etc. Spinning Class for 50 minutes on the bike. Shower, and off to Girya to train Level 2 skills with Mark.

Pull-up drills
Pistol drills

I felt kinda crappy about myself this morning and I let it affect my workouts.....I need to pull my head out of my ass and quick! Level 2 is no joke and I've got a long way to go. Thank God for the World's Greatest Coach, who is also my darling husband! He'll save my ass....he always does!


Mark Reifkind said...

there's nothing I love better than training and coaching you my love.your progress has been incredible.You are too hard on yourself but that's one of the things that makes you great; and seriously hardcore!
You will be ready for Level 2 no doubt!

Diana said...

Why do I have a feeling this workout is coming my way someday??!!!

Tracy Reifkind said... doubt? C'mon....

Level 2 is like a race, a meet, a competition......I'll be ready!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Actually, the 16kg workout I designed for you inspired my own training....this particular workout is a variation of it, to get the same type of result....snatching the 16kg, hard, strong and fast (the last part being the most important to me).

I learned alot re-Certing and I keep learning more and more as I help Mark with HKC's. I need to remember to write about's just that I don't want to give away all of my secrets, LOL!

Mark Reifkind said...

no doubt.

albina N muro said...

try this ~! kettlebell instructor