Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday Snatch Workout w/single and double bells

It may seem to most that my workout routines are random, but they're not. I always have a plan that has a starting point, which then leads to a progression of intensity. I'm getting ready to have produced my first DVD outlining how and why I developed this style of training, and I'm starting to get really excited about it! In it I'll explain, from start to finish, many of my methods and techniques for "Programming the Kettlebell Swing" (that's the name of my presentation BTW).

This particular snatch workout is based on my Max Vo2 training (damn Meg and her snatch, but without explaining all of the "why's" of this workout, I'm simply sharing it with you to try on your own, restructured slighty for an easier follow-along....enjoy!

set your Gymboss @ 30 second intervals


8 L, 8 R
9 L, 9 R
10 L, 10 R
9 L, 9 R
8 L, 8 R

10 set snatch ladder (uphill and downhill)

two 8kg's (we also used two 20lb bells from Go Fit)

8 reps

x 5 sets

15 set rotation repeated 4 times for a total of 60 sets = 30 minutes

In this video, I start with the exact workout described above. Meg starts in the opposite order with doubles first, and then the snatch ladder because I only had one set of 20lb bells (the blue ones), so we had to share. We taped an additional 15 sets to the 60 set workout above, making our workout 75 sets = 37 minutes.

I would have chosen to double snatch the 12kg's, but I had already trained double snatches w/12kg's on Thursday, and I know I'll be training them again on Tues., so I went a little lighter. If I had used the 12 kg's, and if you chose to use 12 kg's, then you may only be able to double snatch 5-6 reps, the goal is to use 15 seconds of your 30 second interval. If you can snatch the 12's for 8 reps in 15 seconds, then knock yourself out! LOL

This workout applies many of my own progressive training techniques, and after I release my video I may revisit the "whys" of this particular workout.

PS Diana...this would be a good workout for you to replace one of your Max workouts! Let me know how you liked it!

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