Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesdays Workout

OK, so my past blogpost about junk miles left me thinking about re-organizing my workout schedule, but before I go into all of that here's the workout of the day....snatches

after a quick 5, or so, min warm up of swings/snatch combos.....(Oh, and a 50 minute high volume swing class @ 6am...but that's another workout.....)

16kg snatches

10/10 1 min work, 1 min rest
11/11 1 min work, 1 min rest
12/12 1 min work, 1 min rest
11/11 1 min work, 1 min rest
10/10 1 min work, 1 min rest

10 minutes, 108 16 kg snatches

12 kg snatches

30 second intervals (1 set is per arm, rest, and then the other arm....there are no rest intervals, each set starts on the 30 seconds)

8 reps L, 8 reps R x 10 (5 each side)
9 reps L, 9 reps R x 10 (5 each side)
10 reps L, 10 reps R x 10 (5 each side)
11 reps L, 11 reps R x 10 ( 5 each side)
8 reps L, 8 reps R x 10

50 sets total 460 snatches w/12kg in 25 minutes

let me know how it goes for you.....oh, and guys, one of my male students did this workout with the 24kg, and the 16kg.....


Mark Reifkind said...

wow. what an amazing workload. as usual.
I guess I am going to have to start coming to your class. I can't even come close to doing that.

you rock.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I dream of the day you come to my class.....but I appreciate the "different" knd of animal you are!

If I could only do what you do.....

I never discount your talent as an athlete and coach....no matter what the swing and snatch count add up to.......

Haley said...

Wow, that's awesome. Everytime you post a workout, I'm in awe. I'm the opposite of you and I do better with the high tension lifts (presses, deadlifts, etc) and struggle with the endurance aspect. I'm jealous. ;) I'm working to get that "fixed" before the Oct RKC.

Mark Reifkind said...


Just follow Tracy's workouts as best as you can and you'll 'kill' the cert. Like everyone else Tracy trains.

Haley said...

Thanks, Mark. :) I can't wait!

Mark Reifkind said...


that day is coming soon. as you know I already use your swing combinations with all my students.I just have to get over the idea of training so heavy all the time,lol.

my powerlifting brain is hard to get rid of.

Diana said...

I did this workout this morning, however, it came out different! No surprise there. Explanation on my posting.
All I can say is.....I'm tired!