Sunday, April 25, 2010

Junk Miles

Sunday is my day off from any kind of just about kills me most weekends....

Training is about improving ones skills, not about exercise anorexia, or "junk miles" (same thing, btw). Junk miles are all of those workouts done when we approach them from obsession, and desperation. Obsession and desperation to burn calories, obsession and desperation to get "skinny", obsession and desperation to outrun, outswing, outsnatch, outplay every other bitch on the planet..... Obsession and desperation are not attractive, they're annoying.

You know what junk miles gets you? Nothing. Nothing but tired and looking stupid.

One day when I was scheduled to work at Equinox, I got there at 7:00am and I noticed a woman, about my age, on the Eliptical Trainer.....when I finished teaching my classes over 1 1/2 hours later she was still on the Eliptical. About 30 minutes later (while I did some Gravitron work and some Get-ups), she was in my Spin class....Spinning away, as if her life depended on it......ick....

I'm lucky to be in the business of fitness. I get to "workout" and "work" at the same time, I've designed it that way because I'm lucky enough to NOT have to make a living depending on the size of my classes or in other words...."paying customers". 6 days a week I train no less than 3-4 hours, but I don't want those hours to be some kind of sick bragging rights.

I'm currently training for my Level 2 RKC and that has given my workouts more focus. I have to do stuff that I'm not naturally talented at doing. Strict pressing, pull-ups, pistols, etc.....I can swing and snatch forever...... I'm so lucky to have this life, at the age of 46, to spend so much time training, practicing, and living my physical potential.....I really don't want to abuse it.

I went for a walk today....Sunday, my day off, because I couldn't stand the fact that I wasn't doing anything else know what? I'm not sure I feel, or don't feel, better because of it.

Life is supposed to feel good. I do, in fact, feel good that I went for a walk. But not because of "the walk", but because of the reflection I had about my life while I was walking......the next blogpost......


Anonymous said...
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Diana said...

90 minutes on an elliptical machine-what a waste of time.
Too bad people participate in that spinning crap (this is all just my opinion), this country is awesome to see via the view from a bike seat. When I did my 100 miler, I was in heaven (with the exception of that "other" heaven called St. Paul!) and to sit on a bike that goes "nowhere?" Just put the bullet in my head and save time.
I have to admit, I'm just a little "obsessed"....but only because this is still all new and I want to "experience" this "healthy" life here and now. I want to run every race. But mostly it boils down to just wanting to win the battle of obesity.

Tracy Reifkind said...


When I met Mark one of the first gifts he bought me was a road bike....I loved, loved, loved to ride......and then some asshole almost killed me making a lefthand turn. It was the last time I was on the "real" road. And where we live, and at my age, Mark won't let me on the "real" road....and that's OK.

Spinning is like dancing that's all! Spinning is like an aerobic class on a bike and you are the one that gets to chose how hard you want to work.

What I find irritating is, like the Stairmaster, and any other piece of "cardio" equipment, one can "cheat" by using the apparatus to hang on to, not really using it the way it was inteneded. If you don't actually put tension on the Spin bike then you just flop around on it, not doing yourself any favors.

Too bad people who aren't built to run, try to run.....or is it called jogging? Falling into their feet and call it running? To bash an overweight body into the ground step by painful step....just put a bullet in my head.....or my knees, or my back, because that's what most people are doing anyway.

Like I said, when people do stupid shit......