Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The End of the Workout....the main workout, that is....

Today is Tuesday.....6:00am high volume swing class, and then off to Equinox to train Max Vo2 (based) for my second Max workout. Saturday Meg and I train a Max based workout, and then I train it again, for the second time, based on what Meg and I did previously, but depending on how I feel, I go heavier, faster, or lighter, but always just as intense!

I've been doing alot of training lately that involves building strength and endurance on one side or the other, but I won't get into the exact details, just yet, instead I'll write about another part of my training focus, which is pacing.

I'm getting ready to film, and produce, my first video about my high volume kettlebell swing training and the progressions I developed, and use regularly, in my own workouts, as well as how I train others to build up, quickly, a practice of high volume kettlebell swings. One of the methods I have developed is the practice of pacing....more about that another time....

Here is how I ended my morning of swings and snatches.....(after 50+ minutes of swings @ Girya, and then 30+ minutes of Max Vo2 @ Equinox)

Snatch / Transfers
Tracy 12kg
Brian 16kg

16 snatch transfers, 1 min. work, 30 sec rest, (8 R, 8 L)
18 snatch transfers, 1 min. work, 30 sec. rest (9 R, 9 L)
20 snatch transfers, 1 min. work, 30 sec rest (10 R, 10 L)....(uphill....)

16 snatch trans, 18 snatch trans, 2 min. work, 1 min. rest
18 snatch trans, 20 snatch trans, 2 min. work, 1 min, rest (uphill....)

16 snatch trans., 18 snatch trans, 20 snatch trans, 3 min. work, 1 min. rest (uphill)
20 snatch trans, 18 snatch trans, 16 snatch trans, 3 min. work, end of workout....(downhill)

15 minutes approx. (234 snatches and transfers)

Brian says when we're finished...."I like going downhill better!"

Regardless of what your main workout is, try this ending! Lots of fun! By the way.....Meg and I did 20 snatch / transfers per minute for 5 minutes in my first class (100 snatch transfers)....try that one too, and let me know how it goes for you!

The combination of one snatch, one transfer, is one I am reluctant to take "credit" for, but it's a classic training combination that I've been using for years, and I have valid reasons for this particular combination and how it fits into my progressive training philosophy.....


mslloyd said...

I don't know much about the training benefit of the pacing but I know that there are definitely easier ways to get to 100 snatches in 5 minutes than tranferring every snatch. That was hard!

Tina said...

Yay! the long awaited dvd! I can't wait!!!

Tracy Reifkind said...


First of all, let me say that I'm thrilled you commented because I was thinking about you as I put the hurt on Brian.....of course he was using the 16kg......but all of my training and coaching originates from my own personal workouts and we do some serious shit!

Anyway, it's not your concern the benefits of pacing....that's what you pay me for! It's what helped you "kill" the RKC! By the way.....there are so many great pictures of you at the SJ RKC (your bolg pic for instance), and so many shitty pictures of me....I'm jealous (but then again, I'm always jealous!)

We are not finshed with "snatch/transfers", we're just beginning......

PS It's funny how mathematical your "mental snatch calculator" is, lol! No doubt you're keeping track of every single freakin' snatch.....good for you!

PPS I hope you know I always take into consideration the fact that you have that 50,000 snatch goal when I plan our workouts.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Tina.....good Lord I'm nervous! If all goes as the Universe plans, it'll be the first in a long run of instructional, and "work along with" DVD's....and thanks for the support!