Friday, January 1, 2010

High Quality Problems

The first time Mark and I heard that phrase, "high quality problem", we were working in Healdsburg CA (that's a high quality problem right there, lol!) teaching a KB workshop last year, and it was after I had "complained" about something silly that Leslie Gandy said to me...."Well that's a high quality problem!" Mark immediately picked the phrase up and we use it constantly.

I have so much freedom during the day....I'm not complaining about that....but it does create problems. Like which workout do I do first? Or should I go to the 9:00 or 12:00 yoga....should I do both? Should I spin today, or walk? Do I walk for 30 minutes or 45? Should I wear the same workout clothes for the whole morning, or should I change so I can wear some of the other 10,000 yoga outfits I own? I mean if I change clothes, then I have double laundry.....should I just suffer and wear wet clothes from workout to workout?

One of my first problems of the morning is....should I get a Mocha coffee drink, or regular coffee and a piece of cake, or a little piece of candy? What kind of sweet treat should I get....or not get?

One of the last problems I have in my day is....which bottle of wine should we open? If I open one I haven't tried yet and I don't like it then I'll have to open up a different one.....does my life suck or what? In fact, last night, New Years Eve, our problem was whether, or not, to open up one, or more, of the 3 bottles of good champagne that we have.....we decided not to.....but when will be a good time? See, my life is just filled with problems.

How many times do our "skinny" friends complain about being fat? Our "rich" friends complain about being poor? People with good jobs complain about having to get up in the morning, or people that choose to have large families complaining about how much work it is? How about those people with expensive cars complaining about how much insurance, registration and maintenance on those cars costs. We actually know some one that owns multiple properties, including a "tropical getaway" complain about his life constantly.....we all know people like that.

Now that my son and his family have thier own place and can't afford cable TV, just yet, how many times do we complain that there's nothing on TV to watch.....good Lord, if you have time to watch TV....or if you own a TV, much less have the money to watch "cable"....then you have a high quality problem.....ask some one who doesn't have those things.

Some of the simple joys of my life like being able to fill up my gas tank....remember the old days when we could only put a couple of bucks worth of gas, cause that's all we had.....but taking the time to stop at a gas station, and full up the tank sucks! Washing my clothes in my own washing machine....remember the days of the laudrymat......but putting the clothes away after they're all folded sucks! Changing the sheets on my you know how much California King sheets cost? And I have at least 3 sets to choose from....more if I wanted....not to mention a huge bed, lol, I've got to fit 5-7 Cats on it afterall.....such grief I have in my life.

Kitchen prep.....I love cooking and preparing my own foods, and I can buy whatever I want at the grocery store, and know how to cook it....from Prime Rib, to short ribs, and any kind of vegetable there is....if I haven't done it before, I can find out problems. Some people complain about being "tired" of the usual take-out food, or resturant food that they choose from everyday.....never mind that they can afford to eat out everyday! Let's not forget that someone else cooks it for them, serves it to them and then cleans the pots, pans and dishes, lol....and does it in the amount of time it takes to order it at a window and drive forward 20 feet to pick it up!(although I choose to "eat in" everyday, it has nothing to do with money, it has everything to do with health and happiness...but whatever makes you happy.)

So as I decide whether or not to bolt out the door in 15 minutes to make it to my first workout of the year, I wish everyone a Happy New Year filled with "high quality problems"....most importantly though, the good sense and gratefulness to recognize them!

What are some of you high quality problems? (Diana....double 12kg's, the 16kg or the 20kg...right? LOL...mine too!)
(picture above is Leslie Gandy and me in Healdsburg last year)


Diana said...

Those damn dbl 12kg's kind of suck....they're a great workout, but damn I always bang the thighs coming up and it just plain makes me stop. My hips are so damn tight, to put my feet farther apart to get more room for the bells then requires so much more hip snap! DUH! I really need to work on these tight hips in 2010!
My biggest "high quality" problem I feel has been finally dealt with....more on that on a later post.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Diana, I just read your email, and I should post my reply to your high quality problem....but I think you should when you write your blogpost about it, lol!

This year has started out with some great news for women who train with KB's (top secret for now), but I'll be able to write about it very soon!

Jen said...

Great News??... Woooo I can't wait to hear!

Happy New Year Tracy!

Tracy Reifkind said...


It's not top secret to you! I never keep secrets from my friends.....

Jen said...

Tracy I LOVE being your friend! I just wish we lived closer.

I'll get my Tracy fix in a few weeks though! YAY!

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leslie said...

Tracy -- This post helped me more than you can know. I know that's not tremendously clear, but I just wanted to express my appreciation for reminding me of some things I'd forgotten.

Tracy Reifkind said...


everyday I remind myself of how lucky I am to have the "problems", the high quality problems I have!

So thank you!