Saturday, January 16, 2010

Practicing Stillness

Saturday is one of my hardest training days because I have at least 3 back to back classes that I train along with, but my own Max Vo2 workout is right inbetween.....and then I have 90 minutes of Bikrams yoga at 12 noon.....this is actually the hardest part of the day, as I never know how much "gas" I have left in my tank. (not to mention if I have raw hands to deal with, lol)

Anyway..... My Bikrams practice has been my biggest challenge these past months and I made some changes about a couple of months ago that has helped a great deal....attitude changes! Those changes, which I'll write about when I get home later today, has gotten me to the point of my practice starting to improve practice had taken a nosedive, and it's a miracle I didn't quit....seriously, I wanted to quit.

So, later today, I'll find myself standing in the front row of class staring into my own eyes, for 90 minutes, myself.....seeing beauty, feeling strong, feeling flexible, and practicing stillness inbetween the postures. Stillness is where I find compassion, for myself. Stillness is where I feel love, for myself. Stillness is where I find forgiveness for myself.

Compassion to not judge. Love, to know why I'm here. And forgiveness to let go and find relief.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Diana said...

I'm getting into the Yoga class that I've been signing up for! It's really helped to stretch what needs to be stretched! Finding out that there's a lot more needing to be stretched than I thought! lol
Took a 70 minute class last week and immediately went for a 7 mile run afterwards-BEST run ever!

Tracy Reifkind said...


If it weren't for my yoga practice I'd never stretch! In fact I should add in some additional stretching, but I usually wait for some kind of minor injury to force me into it, lol!