Monday, January 11, 2010

Drunk, Blind Candy Pizza LOL

Although I don't really care to shop at Trader Joe's.....I have to concede for a few things they carry, and one of them is the pizza dough they sell in the refrigerator section. For $1.29....yep a buck twenty-nine, you can buy pizza dough, whole wheat or white, ready to make into a pizza, toppings are totally up to you. It's so easy you could make a pizza if you were drunk, or blind, or both! Ask me how I know, lol....
Saturday night I took the pizza dough out of the fridge not knowing exactly what I was going to put on top of it....carmelized onions, olives, roasted red bell and jalapeno, a little bit of some kind of cheese, of course, maybe some sausage.....but after a few glasses of wine, I was kinda jones'n for something sweet.....Candy Pizza!

Well, I had left my glasses in the other room....I know, I know, it was such a long trip down the hall to my bedroom, from the kitchen, I told myself, "OK, if you're going to make Candy Pizza, then you have to do it without your glasses!" Don't ask me why......I had been drinking....that may have had something to do with it....

I pressed the whole wheat pizza dough into a jelly roll pan (the same kind I roast my veggies on), pretty sloppily I might add, oh....I oiled the pan first a bit....sprinkled some brown sugar on top, along with, cinnamon, kosher salt (gotta have that "salty-sweet" thing going on), raisins, and 3 chocolate covered, gingerbread carmel candies that I cut into small pieces and sprinkled those all around too! (Damn it, I forgot the flax seeds, lol)

It took about 10-12 minutes in the oven....and less time to eat! Mark did help with that part though!

If I would have been in my right mind I may have made some icing to drizzle on top with some powdered sugar and water or orange juice.....

Lots of other stuff you can put on candy pizza, or desert pizza like;

chocolate chips, or other flavored chips
dried fruit of any kind
fresh fruit...mmm, pineapple / coconut
fruit preserves could I forget nuts?

Not that I'm trying to encourage this kind of eating, but part of my new New Years attitude is to lighten least I made it myself! And if I can do it, drunk and blind, then it has to be easy.


Diana said...

This could have "easily" included some slightly melted mini tootsie rolls to really make it the cat's meow!! ;)

Diana said...

Or actually some M&M's for color!!

Tracy Reifkind said...


M & M's would be killer, but sometimes yummy goodness is all brown!