Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What's in Your Gym Bag?

Here's Willy (Wonka) in my gym bag.....notice one of my Gymboss's clipped to the side (yep, I said one of my Gymboss's....I never travel without at least 2!)
I always joke that if someone stole my gymbag they'd make off with hundreds of dollars worth of Lululemon yoga and workout clothes.....I always carry multiple changes of clothes because of my inner Vagabond....you should see my car!
The brats are as energnetic as they are cute, and Mark and I are tuckered out....when are they leaving? Next week! Mark and I have decided that these two kittens, Willy and Nilly, have a higher prey drive than the past kittens we have raised....they are constantly on the move, pouncing on eachother and batting around playing with everything and, anything we leave on the dining room table from coins, jewelry, paper receipts, nail polish bottles, and their favorite, a one dollar bill! Oh, and my gymbag!


Diana said...

Just frickin' cute as ever, how can ya NOT love a cat!
BTW...thanks for the help the other day! My mind is getting onto the track I want it to be on!
Happy New Year to you and Mark!

Brett said...

I wish they would make GymBosses that go up to 200! :)

Tracy Reifkind said...


That's why I carry at least 2! I have ONE "old school" Gymboss that doesn't stop at 100....it keeps going. The new ones stop....not nice when you need 15/15 intervals and you train longer than 25 minutes....which I do....25 minutes is barely a warm up, lol

Tracy Reifkind said...


The boys are seriously cute....that's their saving grace.

I want to set up the video camera in my hallway, which I can block off, throw some toys in with the 2 boys and see what happens. I'm sure it would be nonstop fun!

It was nice talking with you the other day. Don't lose patience....the good news is, while we wait, I mean train patiently, we get a hell of a workout! Too bad for anyone that doesn't recognize the value in KB's.....using them the right way, of course.....which is why you should always work with an HKC, or an RKC