Friday, January 22, 2010

Did I forget to Mention I Did 800 Consecutive 12kg Snatches in 40 Straight Minutes Last Saturday?

Well, 804 to be exact....but who was counting? Decided to take a couple of weeks off of Max V02 with the 16kg (I still haven't blogged about the disaster the week previous...yikes), and so a, potential, continous snatch set with the 12kg was the order for the morning.

Previuosly I had 1000 snatches in 48 minutes, but that was not a continious 48 min., it was with 3 rests, the first one after 25 consecutive minutes. This Saturdays PR wasn't about the number of snatches, but the continuous time.... In fact I had snatched as fast as 12/12, and 15/15 the first time, while this time I stuck to a strict 10/10 per minute. (little did I know I miscounted and did an additonal 4 snatches in the last five minutes) I decided to take Meg along on the ride with me!

Here are two videos from last Saturday, the first is 10 minutes long, and I don't expect too many people would be interested in watching the whole thing, but the "entertaining" part (my singing debut) is in the first couple of minutes!

In this first video I knew 10/10 was the pace I wanted to set to go the distance, and I could see Meg in my peripheral vision and if left to her own devices she would have snatched faster, but I had to stand my ground and set the pace I wanted! She did 600 snatches in 30 minutes, and most likely would of stayed with me for the additional 10 minutes, but she was taking an RKC prep course the next day with Jordan and she knew she would be testing her 100 snatches w/16kg....which she did in 4 minutes! I hate her!

This second video is the last 5 minutes.

The funny part of this is near the end when my next class started showing up, and while finishing my set I was telling them what to do to get ready for class! Molly started dancing to one of the songs playing, so it inspired me to throw a little dancing in too, at the end....

PS in the first Video I try to imitate Brittany Spears singing her song! Brittany's songs are my latest "guilty pleasure"....come on now, after all she done to herself these past few years? Girlfriend is looking good!

A white one piece and high heeled shoe boots? I might be able to pull it off! yeah right....although it's already January 22nd and that only leaves me about 9 more days to get some high heels on these feet....twice (Mark reminds me!)...yikes!


Diana said...

I am so glad that I don't live close to you! ;)
I'm already wanting to do this, but I have to go to work instead, ugh, damn jobs!
Britney???? OK, I can't comment on that since I "rock" out to ABBA and the BEE GEES!
The snatch has got to be the MOST ADDICTIVE move there absolute favorite!

Tracy Reifkind said...


If you lived close, you would be in the video too! Right in between me and Meg!

I never have liked Brittany before...but now that I listen to happy dance music on my way to work in the mornings (on my way to workout I should say), I hear lots of stuff I've never listened to before....there's some better stuff coming in the future!

Laura Sacks, RKC said...


Awesome!! Very impressive! That's a long time to be doing snatches for, and you didn't even look cooked at the end! On the contrary, I think your form was even stronger in the last 5 minutes -- crazy good. :)

JenG said...

First happy music and now Britney!? I liked the Monster Magnet that used to play in the background!! \m/
I was seriously considering sending you a CD of a local Maine band, Dead Season. I thought you might like it...but it doesn't mingle well with Britney. ;) (I thought I should contribute something back to have done so much to inspire me and you don't even know me!!)

40 minutes of consecutive snatches is unbelievable to me!! Inspiring, I want to see how long I can snatch for. I know ain't 40 minutes!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I could snatch the 12kg forever at that pace....but if I go faster, or heavier, it's a whole 'nother story! Seriously, it was a "break" from heavy snatches for me.

Now, what you did.....the 100 reps with the 20kg in 5 minutes? Did I read that right? My training partner Meg did her 16kg 100 rep test in 4 minutes, I'm not sure if I could do that, OK I probably could do that, but....the 20 kg? It would take a serious commitment from me to train for that!

Kinda like what it's going to take to get my 25 sec flexed arm hang and God forbid to get my pull up....and pistol...the bent press...(level 2....yikes)

Tracy Reifkind said...


I don't listen to happy music 'while' I'm training, this was an exception! I was cruising, not really training....the next class was the hard one!

Monster Magnet is probably the one greatest training CD's of all times for me (next to my Disturbed CD's). I'd love to hear Dead Season....there's nothing like some serious hard rock to train hard to.

If you try a continuous snatch set stick to the 10/10 per minute pace and I think you'll be surprised at how long you can go. I have a "killer" 15 minute snatch set that I do with some of my starts with 15/15, 14/14, 13/13, etc...down to 1/1....yep, 1 rep per 30 sec., so as the set progresses the snatches turn into "snatch holds"....I'll write about it sometime! (aren't my clas students lucky? lol)

Tina said...

When will we find out what the big announcement is going to be that you mentioned in a blog post a week or two ago?

Tracy Reifkind said...


I'm not sure it's so "big", lol....

it'll have to wait until we get a little closer to April!

Tina said...

Oh No! April? I thought it would be much sooner. I was hoping for online access to swing classes from you or a dvd with several swing workouts. Please : )

Tracy Reifkind said...


We have currently gone thorough the "thinking" process about swing classes, both webcasting and producing DVD's, but we haven't moved into the "doing" process!

Soon, very soon.

The 1st book is outlined....again, it's the "doing", or maybe the "finishing" that we're stuck on, lol