Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hey......What's my Problem?

OK, so this is a follow up to my last blogpost about "goals".

We are still in the first days of the New Year, and of course like every other start of a new year, we reflect. We reflect and think about how we want our lives to be different, usually, of course, better. Wouldn't it be nice to reflect on all of the good stuff too! Yes, theres are alot of sucky things that happen, or sucky choices we make, but like I wrote about at the end of the last blogpost....If I could've, I would've! I know more than I did the year before, and based on that I'll think of some fun stuff to change. Why so much pressure? If anything, one of my goals is to "lighten up"! Good Lord....

"Goals", "resolutions", "challenges".

One of my goals in 2006 was to weigh 132lbs by my April RKC. did I accomplish that? Yep. But with my next Cert coming up fast in Feb., there's no way I'm going ot weigh 132lbs, much less 142lbs.! Why can't I just make it a "goal"? I'm not motivated, that's why. It's just not that important to me, because I'm not at the same place....or whatever.... Goals should motivate action, not de-motivate.

A resolution I've made every year, since I can remember, was to stop saying the "F" word! I seemed to have forgotten about that one this year, because it never crossed my mind until right now....I've given up.....am I a bad person because I use the "F" word? Or because I don't care any more? Resolutions should motivate action.

A challenge I gave myself last year was to practice yoga 365 days....you know how many classes I was able to attend? 338.......short by 27 classes..... Was the challenge about the "exact" number, or was it to prove something? Should I feel bad about myself because I only went to 338 "F-ing" yoga classes last year (you know, part of me does....high quality problem huh?)? Challenges should motivate action.

If setting a goal, making a resolution, or challenging yourself in a way that's only going to make you feel bad about yourself, then what's up with the self torture? Who's judging us? We are.

2010 Goals, resolutions, and challenges

Lighten up.
Train less....cut out the "junk miles". (blogpost to come)
Eat only foods I love. )(I already do, but enjoy it more)
Drink only wine I love (I already do, but enjoy it more)
Wear high heels at least twice a month (Mark says...."yeah, to and from bed", lol)
Smile more....at myself!
Listen to only happy music.
Own less, give more away......the true 60 day challenge (more to come)
Be the kind of spouse, mother, sister, friend I want to have.
Say the "F" word all I want to.....I may not want to as much now!
Stop having these "pretend" competitions with every other woman that walks the earth to be the "skinniest', the "strongest", the "prettiest"....good F-ing Lord I'm 46 years old, when is it going to stop?
Be happy for other people....truly.
Embrace the fact that I'm weird.
Relax, let go, breathe, move, stretch, open up, believe.

More to write about, but I'm off to sweat in yoga with my sweetie......


Mark Reifkind said...

love it
love the goals
love you

Mark Reifkind said...

oh yeah, and my weird loves your weird ,:))

Kelly J said...

Love your blog! I am just beginning my quest to lose 37 lbs., I swear like a longshoreman and I thought your current blog was hilarious. www.kjsobsessions.blogspot.com

mollyfn said...

This is what keeps me coming back Tracy. My goal is to be more like you. :)

JenG said...

I love this too!!! :) I loved the post before this also, I read it out loud to my husband. ;)

Tracy Reifkind said...


it takes weird, to love weird, lol!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Kelly J,

37lbs....cool. Wow! Exactly 37 huh? Not 35, or 40....lol You must weigh something that ends in the number 7, and want to "even" things out, lol!

OCD....gotta respect the OCD!

Interesting...when I first read your blog address I saw k j sob sessions! And then I figured it out...The good news about people that obbsess (me and you), is when we make up our minds, we are unstoppable! Don't let and "even" amount of weight stop you from wanting more. (or less in this case, lol)

When I weighed 250+ I never dreamed I could weigh something "crazy" like 130lbs, instead I always thought I would settle for something like 180, so when I reached that I saw that 150-145 was a dream weight....until I got there and saw 132....and then...I caught a little bit of anorexia @ 124lbs...(lol...just, kinda, kidding about the anorexia....blogpost to come someday), anyway....where was I?

Oh yes, become obssesed about healthy, natural, home cooked foods, and exercise! Fuck everything else!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Well, coming from someone that has actually met me....you're weirder than I am, lol!

That means you have to wear high heels to bed....for your hubby....at least 2 times this month! (I dare you...you might kill him, lol)

Tracy Reifkind said...


Oh, and I forgot.....get him his coffee in the morning!

Tracy Reifkind said...



Tomorrow I'm off to be a better Grandma....and show my daughter in law how to use the pressure cooker.....chicken and white bean chili....yum, yum!

That reminds me....I'm not allowed (nor do I want to) use the "F" word around that precious little baby of mine! Not even damn either...or shit....shit! lol

Jennifer said...

Your wisdom never ceases to amaze me, nor does the fact that so often your posts seem to speak to exactly where I am at a given moment. I love your list for this year and thought I'd throw in my two cents' worth.
I tried giving up the "f" word, and it's close cousins. While I have cut back on their usage, I find that eliminating them entirely doesn't suit me. They are a part of my personality, as salty as it might be,and that is okay.
My husband, in his infinite wisdom, asked me very gently and kindly a few years ago to give up my much-beloved country music. He said he felt as if it contributed to my sadness. For him, I did,and in retrospect, I think he is right. I love my happy music collection. :) Good luck with this project. I think you will be very satisfied with its results.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I think my use of swear words is part of being an overly dramatic person.....I tend to over exaggerate.....no, really, lol!

But the happy music thing.....for me it really works. Every morning when I'm going to workout I listen to the dance music station and it gets me into a happy and bouncey mood!

I may have to write one more blogpost about this subject because it's not just black and white.

Jen said...

OK, there are just NOT enough Jen's and Jennifer's in this comment section! LOL! I had to post too :)

Tracy, you are the best! So happy to know you and I want to be like you too!!... and I want to lose 47lbs as of this morning (YAY!)...AND I've got a pork shoulder going in my pressure cooker today too... all because you showed me the way!! THANKS!

xoxoxo Jen

Tracy Reifkind said...


The pork shoulder belongs to Fawn! I would be much less a cook if it weren't for her....I want to be like Fawn!

Anyway, 47 lbs huh? What's up withthe 7's, lol! Lucky #, I guess....

I tried to comment on your blog, but I did't type in the code right and it disappeared...damn! Anyway, it was to encourage you to use your blog as an exercise journal (not a diet journal), but to record your training...that way I can see what you're doing, AND that you're actually doing it! You know I'm serious....

....oh yes, and did you get your "number" out? Don't let that athlete that worked so hard to show up, train for, and get that number....she's inside of you screaming to get out!

Jen said...

Love Fawn! Tell her to start a cooking school online for us! LOL! (no, I'm serious!) I would join!

I will get my number out tonight for my KB training tomorrow. Greg says he's going to train with me (we'll see!). I should video it so you can see me wearing my number and you can laugh at my form! :)

Went to the doctor today that has a fancy scale.. prints out all of the cool stuff like intracellular water,etc. Well it was exactly a month ago that I stepped on that bad boy and from the weight number it looked like I had gained...but what happened was I gained 4lbs of lean mass! Is that crazy or what?! That was a nice motivation for me....sheerah the muscle building woman!

AND...I'm serious about my training too! Thanks for the motivation.

cathy b said...

Love this post.
Guess what a couple of your resolutions I had on my list. Yikes!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Lem-me guess.....the high heels? LOL!