Saturday, January 30, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons....

My friend,Yvonne, has a very prolific orange and lemon tree....lucky her.....and lucky me! Even luckier, her husbands grandfather grafted the lemon tree to produce both Meyer and Eureka lemons!

The only thing I love more that "free food" is, home grown, home harvested "free food"! Most of the time that means fruit, as alot of people own old fruit trees, and through no effort on their part the trees produce year after year.....what can a person do with all of that fruit? Give it to me!

So far these past few months I've recieved figs, guavas, persimmons (both kinds), lemons, oranges, avocados, and now going into Spring who knows what'll come along.

I found this powdered honey at the Korean Market the other day for $1.99, and I thought it could be interesting. Since it was right near the checkout I didn't look too closely at the ingredients, although I thought I read that it was simply "honey", but what I read was "100% natural"...I assumed it was only honey. But after getting home I read that there was indeed one other ingredient.....refinery syrup.

Yikes! My first thoughts were that refinery syrup was the same as corn syrup, but it's not. Refinery syrup is cane sugar (good, but not great, lol), and Mark guesses that it's added to keep the honey in powdered form. OK! I use white sugar, so what's the difference? Honey I used it to make honey lemonade!

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