Monday, January 11, 2010


For once I'm not talking about veggies......I'm talking about my hands!

Last week during Max Vo2 training with the 16kg I messed up my hands pretty good, but I was able to fininsh my workout. But they were still tender this week...combine that with not feeling as strong and I had to stop around sets 60....I tried to finish the workout only on my left side....I did the best I could, but I'll write a blogpost about my Saturday Max workout later.

Mark and I go to Bikrams yoga @ 12noon on Saturdays. So for me, I started the day @ 7:30 with 30 minute beginning Swing class, 35-45 minutes Snatch Max, 40-45 Intermediate Swing class and finish off KB's with a Learn to Swing class. Bikrams is hard! Especially after all of that training, but with my hands raw as they were, the 90 minute sweat fest won't let bandages, or tape of an kind, stick. Stinging palms are bad enough but there are a few poses where I have to grip into my feet and ouch! So I had Mark take this picture when we got out of class....the picture really doesn't do the pain justice!

The only thing worse is, Saturday night is the night we like to make dinner and drink wine (I know, we do that practically every night, but), and since I don't have a dishwasher, I have to do all of my dishes by hand.....did I say by "hand"....ouch. Lucky for me my Sweetie did them for me that night..... "Thanks Sweets!"

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Mark Reifkind said...

my pleasure honey. you are one tough woman,that's for sure. How many sets did you do with torn hands before you came to your senses? way more than I would have.
no one can ever say you are not one serious, hardcore committed athlete. always inspire me with your toughness and get it done attitude.
you know I have known MANY great athletes throughout my 39 years of training and competing and you are up there with the best.

your husband, your biggest fan :))