Tuesday, September 11, 2012

No Brainer "regressive rest ladder" squat / swing....bleepin' hell!

I loved last weeks swing/squat No Brainer, as well as this weeks'!  I did video last weeks, but the camera angle was too low and I cut off my head! (not that you need to see my head or anything!). This morning I was just too lazy and too bad because it was a good one!  Here I've journaled it, and I hope to treat you to the video, if I have the energy to repeat at least one rotation on Thursday morning in front of a camera!

OK, so this was pretty killer!  In keeping with my "progressive rest ladder", this is the opposite so I'm calling it a "regressive" rest ladder!  Instead of the rest periods getting longer, the rest periods get shorter, and in fact, this workout would qualify as one of my "work into rest" routines as all additional reps "work into the rest period".

The first rotation wasn't so bad because I used the 12kg. I also did NOT squat that deep because of my tight hip....which I did not properly stretch out beforehand (whoops).  I ended up trusting that I was "warm enough" by the last part of the last rotation to squat deeper, so that's how I ended the last few sets.

Each set starts "on the 2 minutes".  The swing/squat reps should take 1 minute, and then every set increases swing reps 10 at a time, taking away from the rest period until the full 2 minutes is being trained, which is how it qualifies as a "work into rest" method of training.  After the last and 4th set a full 1 minute break is allowed before the option of repeating the rotation again, choosing the same or a different size bell.

1 swing, 1 squat x 10 + 10 2 hd swings (1 min 15 sec work/ 45 sec rest)
1 sw, 1 sq x 10 + 20 2 hd sw (1.5 min/30 sec)
1 sw, 1 sq x 10 + 30 2 hd sw (1.75 min/ 15 sec)
1 sw, 1 sq x 10 + 40 2 hd sw (2 min/1min)

140 sw, 40 sq, 9 min (or 8 if you are only completing one rotation)

I did the first rotation with the 12kg, mildly difficult.  I skipped the 14kg, because I like to skip it if I can and went directly to the 16kg.  I was cursing by the last set!  But I knew I was going back down to the 12kg which made it much easier to not wimp out.  When I did get to that last rotation with the 12kg it was not that much easier as far as the cardio element.  The weight was not a problem, but I had got my heartrate up, and there it stayed making me develop quite a beautiful sweat!  I love to sweat!

PS, this is a "no brainer" because it's only 2 movements, and the first minute is always the same.  You only add 10 swing reps per set...no brainer, right?


dherself said...

Thanks, Tracy. This looks interesting. Looking forward to your video, if you find the energy for it! dee

Tracy Reifkind said...


It's just that I so dislike squats! And doing them more than once a week is just not attractive to me!

I think I can make the sacrifice though! first I should do a little tutorial of the goblet squat....

Kimberly said...

Sheesh ... I did this one late this afternoon and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be!

I have been enjoying doing my kettlebell workouts on the back patio this summer. I will be sorry when it gets too cold for that :(

Juci RKC said...

This one is freakin' tough!
Did this last week with a 16 kg, and my forearms almost gave up.

Tracy Reifkind said...


And...you can always make it harder!

Here's what's crazy...I know I posted this just barely one week ago, but just now read through it again...bleepin' hell! I can see why this was challenging and I used the 12kg for the first and last rounds! Looking at it now I love all the swings mixed in with the squats! I'm definitely going to have to do a video....(and maybe switch it up just a wee bit!)

Training outside is nice!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Did you go through it 3 times with the 16kg? Good God! I only did one round and I remember what that felt like (which is why I wimped out and went back down to the 12kg!)

Looks like it's time for me to "Lady Up"! Gotta do it again, but with the 16kg....thanks!

Juci RKC said...

Of course not :) I did 4 sets, 8 mins, that is only one rotation, I guess.
Did it as a finisher at the end of the class, and that was enough :)