Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Scaled Progressive rest ladder Swing workout

Here is another version of the weekends "Progressive Rest Ladder Swing workout".  I have one of my training partners, Meg, swing alongside of me to demonstrate the option of using the progressive rest option, or if you find you are not quite ready to challenge you rest periods I demonstrate how to change the rep count to reflect an "equal work to rest" variation. (EWR)

You will see that Meg and I switch options, alternating back and forth after a short warm up (EWR).  It's also appropriate to scale back to EWR if you want to challenge yourself with a heavier bell.

10 2 hd sw (15/15)
20 2 hd sw (30/30)
30 2 hd sw (45/45)
60 sw, 3 min

(EWR, me first)

25 2 hd sw (1 min 15 sec total work and rest)
30 2 hd sw (1.5 min total)
35 2 hd sw (1.75 min total)
40 2 hd sw (2 min total)
40 2 hd sw
170 sw, 7.5 min


(progressive rest intervals, Meg first)

40 2 hd sw 1/15 sec
40 2 hd sw 1/30 sec
40 2 hd sw 1/45 sec
40 2 hd sw 1/1
40 2 hd sw
200 sw, 7.5 min (+ 1 min rest)

430 swings total, 19 min.


guy said...

Another gem of a practice Ma'am! You made it easy to understand and highly effective. As always thank you and great work.

Tracy Reifkind said...


you keep doing them, I'll keep posting them!