Friday, September 21, 2012

"16 Squared" A Tracyrif No Brainer Snatch/Transfer workout

Sometimes my workouts evolve so perfectly I couldn't do it better if I tried to! I had no idea how this workout was going to go, much less end up until I heard myself talk to the camera.... "16 snatches and 16 swings.....(hey), with the 16kg....(hey), maybe I can get in 16 minutes of training?" Viola! "16 Squared"!

I've been liking "snatch/transfers" lately because for each snatch rep there is a swing rep!  That means I'm able to train both movements equally (almost...not including warm-ups).  And since it's no secret or surprise that I swing three times as much as I do anything else, sometimes it's nice to mix it up a bit more than usual.

Swing warm up (old school)

40 2 hd sw x 5 sets (10 min)

Snatch/transfer warm up w/12kg

sn/tr x 18 x 5 sets, 1 min work/30 sec rest = 90 snatches 7.5 minutes (15 intervals).

Work sets snatch/transfers w/16kg

1 min/1 min
2 min/1 min, 32 sn
3 min/1 min, 48 sn
1 min/1 min x 10 sets, 160 sn

32 min total, 256 snatches, 256 swings (not bad!  That's 512 reps with the 16kg in about 30 minutes!)

Sorry for the poor video, but sometimes a video "production" is not a priority.  I was expecting one of my training partners within 10 minutes or so and I wasn't sure I wanted to tape anything at all, so I just threw up the camera during my 5th set or sure.  I ended up finishing with her snatch/transferring along with me!  Thanks Deepika!


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