Friday, September 28, 2012

Real Quick...Double Sinister!

Double Sinister.  Goodness!  the first time I applied double bells to the Sinister workout I alternated the single 24kg with dble 12kg's.  Really?  I don't know how I did it...pure torture!  (last video demos a short warm up followed by this workout done last year in Sept, but I never posted it)  This time I laddered up the dble bell sets (two 12's) and I think I used either a 16 or 20kg...don't remember now...kinda looks like a 20, but I may have switched them out! It's been a couple of weeks since I trained it)

Sinister, in case you forgot!  All sets start on the "30 seconds", followed by one last 30 sec rest period.

5 reps
10 reps
15 reps
20 reps
30 sec rest

2.5 minutes, 50 swings

5 dbl bell, 10 sngl bell, 15 sngl bell, 20 sngl bell rest

5 dbl bell, 10 dbl, 15 sngl, 20 sngl, rest

5 dbl bell, 10 dbl, 15 dbl, 20 sngl, rest

5 dbl, 10 dbl, 15 dbl, 20 dbl.

4 rotations, 10 minutes, (100 reps w/dbl bells, 100 reps w/sngle bell....I love how that works out!)

Repeat as much as time, energy, will or desire permits!

PS, In the first video I repeat the first four rotations for a complete 20 minute, 400 swing rep workout.  Half way through you will hear me talking with my  training partner who showed up just as I was finishing...I made her swing with me!


Diana said...

I've been doing a fair amount of work using "kind of" the same thought....using the 24kg and alternating the same workout with double 12kg's. I added squats and only do 10 reps of each move. I'll have to give this one a try!
In a week or two, I've got something BIG coming up!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Ebb and takes on many phases. Good luck with your "BIG" thing coming up!

Diana said...

Thanks! :)

Maribel said...

Flashback! Doubles Sinister...gosh, that sounds scary. Not to you, I'm sure.