Friday, September 7, 2012

A complete 33 minute, 760 swing free workout! One minute KB swing sets. Playing with rest intervals

This workout starts with sets of 10 rep/15 sec sets and quickly goes through 5 of my progressive swing combinations for practice.  It then increases to 20 rep/30 sec sets and then 40 rep sets. The first half of the entire workout is an "equal work to rest" routine, but all of my workouts can be scaled to your individual cardio and strength ability.  Always take the rest you need...there are more swings comin', don't worry!

10 2 hd sw (15/15)
10 tr (15/15)
1/2 sw ld (15/15)
5/5 (15/15)
10 R (15/15)
10 L (15/15)

60 swings, 3 min

20 2 hd sw (30/30 )
20 tr (30/30 )
1/2 sw ld x 2 (30/30 )
5/5 x 2 (30/30 )
10/10 x 1 (30/30 )

100 swings, 5 min

40 2 hd sw (1/1 min)
40 tr (1/1 min)
1/2 sw ld x 4 (1/1 min)
5/5 x 4 (1/1 min)
10/10 x 2 (1/1 min)

200 swings, 10 min.

40 2 hd sw (1 min/30 sec)
40 tr (1 min/30 sec)
1/2 sw ld x (1 min/30 sec)
5/5 x 4 (1 min/30 sec)
10/10 x 2 (1 min/30 sec)

200 swings, 7.5 min

Ladder down progessive one hand swing combinations, ladder up rest intervals

10/10 x 2 (1 min/15 sec)
5/5 x 4 (1 min/30 sed)
1/2 sw ld x 4 (1 min/45 sec)
40 tr (1 min/1 min)
40 2 hd sw 

200 swings, 7.5 min

total workout 760 swings, 33 minutes

I pretty much explain the whole workout in the video as it goes along talking during the rest periods.  It has 5 rotations in total, the first three are equal work/rest intervals and then quickly ramps up to 2 to 1 work to rest ratio in the 4th rotation.  If you can only train at 1 to 1 work/rest then only complete 30 reps instead of 40 reps. That will give you the extra 15 sec to get ready for the next set of 30.

The last rotation is what I call "progressive rest intervals". I first posted this method last year after my trip to Hungary.  If you want to read more about it and the original application and workout here's the link;

Enjoy! Have a great weekend!


guy said...

Saw it last night on youtube BossLady, great practice! Wow, 33 min! Great post!

platefullofcrazy said...

What weight were you swinging, Tracy? Love this!!

Tracy Reifkind said...


It probably plays better directly from youtube.

When you get done with this one, try the original! I'm going to be doing an entire workout tomorrow (and taping it) that uses this progressive rest ladder....oh, I already know it's going to be killer!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I resist saying because I don't want anybody to compare themselves to me. I will say however that this was the second time that morning I went through the entire workout (1500 swing reps), and I repeated it one more time later in my 11:00am class with the lighter 12kg, which is the weight I consider my "marathon" bell.

Depending on the day I could complete this workout with either the 14 or 16kg...maybe one time through with the 18kg.

Diana said...

"marathon" that term!

I really like the "mini" ladder...I do this in the middle as well, however, I take it up to 5 reps/side, adds a quick 30 reps to my circuit!

lisa~sunshine said...

Thanks for posting this workout.. I did your Swing workouts and this was the first time for me to do a workout right along with you in video.. I loved it...

Have a great weekend.. Lisa

Tracy Reifkind said...


Most all of my workouts, with the exception of my No Brainers )which I do totally on my own) have to accommodate multiple strength/cardio and skill levels because I train them in class situations. I can't always design and create workouts at the top of the difficulty rep level.

Kettlebellers, like you and me with advanced training know how to scale the workloads. More reps sometimes equals more work, but I take care to challenge myself with an appropriate weight so more reps isn't always the only way of making a workout more challenging.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Awesome! I hope you had fun because I love leading classes as much as I love creating workouts!

More to come!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Oh and besides, since my book was released I take extra care to design workouts with the beginner/newbie in mind. I want everybody to be successful. Not just those of us that can swing forever...and like it!

Mahda16 said...
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Mahda16 said...

Thanks for the workouts. I must say even my husband is becoming a kettlebell fan after trying the "On the Minute" workout. He's hard to impress sometimes!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Funny, your husband isn't the only one that is skeptical about their wives KB training...until they see it done! Then it peaks some interest because #1 it looks fun, #2 it looks like easy! And then they find out the truth!

It is fun, but it ain't easy! Then the respect comes in!

Mahda16 said...

True, now if I can only get him to come out of the "squat" position at the top of his swing!!! LOL

Allison Hurst said...

Did this workout this morning. Fun! Fun!

Tracy Reifkind said...


There is a drill for that! Too bad if you don't own our DVD "Mastering the Hardstyle Swing" but I can describe it to you...if he will in fact do it!

You demonstrate, on the floor, laying on you back, knees bent, by lifting your hips up into a "bridge" position (like yoga), buy squeezing you glutes AND holding them tight as long as possible, 5-10 seconds. And then get up, and perform 10 swings, re creating the "hips forward, glutes tight and engaged" position at the top of each swing. Repeat it if necessary.

Maybe I'll do a little You tube video!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Nice! I've got another version that I will post in the next few days.

Mahda16 said...

Thank you Tracy.....and my husband does too! I'm actually going to purchase the video on payday, I think it'll do wonders for both of us. Thanks for being so responsive, it says a lot about you in a very good way!!

Gwen Krehbiel said...

Just found this video and the link says it's private. Any thoughts?

Geekgurl said...

Hi Tracy! Is there a page that explains all your lingo? Some of them I do not understand. I just started watching your numbered workouts and did workout #6 yesterday and felt great!

Example -- 1/2 sw ld x 4 I do not know what this means? 5/5X4? Sorry for my confusion!