Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sinister Double Bell Progression

I just posted a couple of advanced versions of Sinister, using double bells.  If you are new to double bell swings, then here is another, more progressive routine. warning...this video is R rated (I drop the "F" bomb about half way

5 dbl sw, 10 sngl sw, 15 singl sw, 20 singl sw
5 sgl sw, 10 dbl sw, 15 sngl sw, 20 sngl sw
5 sngl sw, 10 snfl sw, 15 dbl sw, 20 sngl sw
5 sngl sw, 10 sngle sw, 15 sngl sw, 20 dbl sw

I've been training this routine for 2 weeks now and I have yet to get to the 32kg!  I'm getting there! Until then, here is enough for everybody to find a challenging workout!  Oh, and if all else fails?  Get the 32kg!

PS  This is the 3rd of 4 rotations (200 reps each).  This was taped during my first, 90 minute,  7:00 am Advanced class.  We warmed up with 200 reps done 40 rep sets x 5 (1 min work to rest).  We then went on to 30 minutes of dble snatch training (soon to be posted), and finished up with this version of Sinister.  Although you may hear me talk about abandoning this routine after this (3rd) rotation in favor of some other way of finishing another 200 reps (1000 in total for this class), Meg made me "Lady up" and finish the last and 4th rotation.  I did not tape it, but I laddered down, starting with 20 dbls in the first group of 4 sets, 15 in the 2nd, 10 in the 3rd and 5 in the last...much easier!  Not that I wanted for it to be easy, or anything!

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