Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"No-Brainer" Swing/Squat #2 (the entire 24 minute workout!)

Last week I posted my swing/squat "no brainer" workout with progressive rest, laddering swings into the rest period, and this week I did the same, almost exact routine.  "Almost exact" in the fact that I replaced the two hand swing/goblet squat with a one hand swing/clean/squat.  In the first video I remind you what last weeks version was, and if you don't know how to a one hand "clean/squat" you can always repeat the two hand/goblet squat version.

1 two hd sw, "catch the bell", goblet squat x 10 = 1 min

1 swing, clean, squat R, transfer swing, clean squat L, transfer swing repeat x 5= 1 min (5 R + 5 L = 10 swings, 10 cl/sq)

Each set starts on a two minute interval, adding on 10 more swings each set, decreasing your rest period by an additional 15 seconds each set. I give one hand swing options, but after my experience last week I conclude that using all two hand swings is more challenging (for me).

1 sw, 1 cl/sq x 10 (5 R, 5 L) (1 min/1 min)
1 sw, 1 cl/sq x 10  + 10 sw (10 tr) (1.25 min/ 45 sec)
1 sw, 1 cl/sq x 10  + 20 sw (5/5 x 2) (1.5 min/30 sec)
1 sw, 1 cl/sq x 10 + 30 sw (15/15 x 1) (1.75 min/15 sec)

8 min., 40 clean/squat, 100 swings each rotation ("round")

I completed 3 rotations.  The first w/12kg and the last two w/16kg.

Personally I feel that my squat is my weakest skill, which is why I've avoided it for so long.  My limiting factors are tight hamstrings and limited ankle mobility.  Most of my first reps I barely break parallel!  For now I'll do what I can, but with consistent practice, which I'm committing myself to, I should see some big improvements.

I rarely post squat workouts because I have found through my own business of personal training that more people than not cannot do a proper squat. mostly for the same reasons why it's difficult for me....tight hamstrings, limited ankle mobility (age and extra weight doesn't help either!).  This is why I like swing workouts so much, because swing training is the most "scale-able" for most everybody.  If you are not sure if you can do a proper squat or do the movement safely (rounded back), then please work with somebody, or don't worry about it for now!  I've got plenty of other workouts you can do in the mean time!

*note  Last week's version was much harder because not only was it all two hand swings, but, the first set did not have 1 minute rest period!  Instead the first set added 10 sw, the 2nd set 20 sw, the 3rd 30 sw, and the 4th set 40 swings!  The 1 minute rest was not until after the 4th set!  Still this was plenty hard!  Here is the last workout (no video)


Diana said...

I agree with your thoughts on squats! I, do, will avoid them like the plague but have promised myself that as your hubby once said; "one must train their weaknesses"....

Today, I also did a swing squat workout. Feel free to give it a try, it's short and sweet!

Carrielovescali said...

I like the idea of squat/swing combo. I am glad you are posting these workouts, I am just so new I would have never though to do both. I bet my hiney will look great in no time.

Thee Tuesday said...

Thanks so much for these KILLER workouts, Tracy! They are really tough. I am somewhat new to KBs...have been training with them for about two months now. I only have a 12kg bell, and I managed to keep up with you for one full round of the swing/clean/sq workout, but then found I needed to work at my own pace due to needing a bit more rest in order to recover so I could go on. My question is should I be concerned with doing the same number of reps as you and taking more time to do the workout, or should I be doing less reps and staying with your set timings? OR is the answer that I should do all this with a lighter bell and keep up with both? :) Thanks in advance for any advice....

Tracy Reifkind said...

Thee Tuesday,

Let's see...I've been training consistently for over 6 years...should you expect to be able to keep up with me? Hmmnn...

Your first goal is to train consistently 15-30 minutes at any pace, with any bell for 6 months to 1 year.

As you find your skill and conditioning improving you will find your own pace, your own limitations, your own strength.

The workouts I post are just ideas and hopefully inspiration of what is possible. Lots of time, less self motivated people, unlike myself will find training to get stagnant, and my workouts are intended to cheer everybody, on many levels to just keep "sowing up" and doing the work!

But an easy answer to your question is that if you are wanting to train in a similar way as I do, then completing the same pace is the first goal, with whatever weight you can keep up with. And then increasing the weight. Pace first, weight second.

I blog many workouts that have a variety of "set lengths". For instance, 10 reps sets, versus 40 reps, 100 reps etc. I always, always remind viewers to "take the rest YOU need". There is no "finish line. there is no "ideal". At the end of the day there is just you!


Tracy Reifkind said...


It's rare that I post these combination workouts because for most people that would require help and training from an experienced Trainer/Coach. But this is my blog, and this is what I do.

I can't "teach" the world proper form and skill, I can only share how I train and what I'm motivated to do/learn.

What are you motivated to do/learn? You and everybody else will find your/their way! I trust you!

Thee Tuesday said...

Got it, Tracy. Thanks so much for your quick response. I really appreciate it! I've been doing your beginner swing workout, and the one hand swing ladder--those are so great, and I'm kind of amazed at how quickly I've built strength and improved my stamina with just those two workouts. If any other KB newbies are reading, look those two up!

I hope you'll come teach a workshop in Scotland sometime, Tracy!

Mahda16 said...

I did this workout this morning...used the lighter bell...switched to the heavier bell and then found that swings with the heavier bell and squats with the lighter bell in my "comfort zone." Thanks for the great workouts and motivation!