Monday, September 17, 2012

Un-"Stocking Up"!

I posted this on my facebook fan page but I thought it was worth copying and sharing here....(just in case a few of you are not on facebook!)

First I ran out of brown sugar (my personal favorite), now I'm out of white sugar (which I use the least of...but non the less, now I'm out!). I've got about 2 tbls of maple syrup in the fridge. I've got about 1 c., maybe less of raw hone
y. I think that's it for sweeteners in my house, and I'm wondering how long I can go without buying any more, and when I do how little can I buy if I get it out of the bulk section, say maybe 1/2 c. at a time?

I'm not a sugar hater, or a person that wants to get rid of all sugar in my diet. This is not a challenge, and I'm not advocating it to anybody else. It's just an experiment on consciousness. Personally I gave up sugar for the month of April back in 2008 (I think), and I gained 5lbs replacing it with almond butter binges (back in the day of binges). So, for me, not anybody else, I don't feel the need to give up sugar, just maybe the need to "stock up" on it!

I may post more thoughts about this subject, but now that my chicken stock is strained and in the fridge, my kitchen is clean,  my dinner already done, time to take a little nap so I can get those workout videos posted before I go to bed tonight!

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