Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beyond Max, 2:1

Mark and I started training on Mondays instead of Tuesdays, which means it's an additional weekly workout for me. Usually I get two days of recovery from Sat-Tues, but now I only get one....the verdict is still out to whether or not this is a good thing. Anyway...

Typically we train Max which means I have quite a few options. I'm actually working up to training a cycle with the 14kg, but I don't feel ready yet. Using the 12kg for traditional 8/8 (15/15) is a workout for sure, but it doesn't really push me in anyway.....Beyond Max....

I'm only including a short video, as it's not really instructional. It simply shows how I combine pacing my intervals along with Mark so we both get the workouts we need. In this Beyond Max workout we did a total of 40 sets (15/15). I did the first ten set warming up with 7 reps each side. That left 30 sets. I didn't feel like going faster so I stayed with the 7 rep per 15 pace and instead of switching hands, or resting every other interval, I continued on with 7 more snatch reps on the same side, working two intervals and resting one. I repeated this ten times to total my 40 sets for the workout.

Beyond Max 2:1 (no hand switch)

7/7 x 10 sets
14/14 x 10 sets

280 snatch reps, 20 minutes

I may repeat a version of this workout on Saturday with either 8's (16/16), or maybe a 3:1 work/rest ratio with no hand switch. (21/21 or 24/24 per 45 sec work/15 sec rest)


Diana said...

Last week I did Max with a 12kg for 8 reps x 90 rounds. Banged out 720 snatches....I haven't done that for a long time. So thankful I didn't chose to pick up my 16kg that day!

Tracy Reifkind said...


If you can bang out 90 sets (45 min) then it's too easy for you...which is not the point of Max Vo2 training...time to go "Beyond"!

This is exactly how I found myself after completing numerous cycles of 80...not that that can't be challenging if you don't train it regularly. I've posted one other versoin of "Beyond Max" this is the second, and I'll be posting many more. So many ways to kick your own ass!

Diana said...

When I do 80-100 sets every 4-6 months or so it's still a challenge! Yes, to do this once a month would be too easy.
I love kicking my own ass.....:)