Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Try, try, again....roasting veggies in turkey fat!

I did not roast a whole turkey this Thanksgiving because I've been roasting whole chickens like crazy since I got back home from staying with Fawn! Since I've been roasting whole chickens, and the best parts are the wings, I went ahead and just roasted turkey wings! They're kinda big!

I roasted them on top of onion, celery and carrots (big dice) hoping the turkey fat would drip down onto them...and it did! Yum...

Since I roasted them slow, at a low temp the veggies were not done at the same time as the wings (roasting veggies usually takes high heat), so I removed the wings from the pan, added thinly sliced Delicata squash, tossed with turkey fat and continued to roast the veggies for about another 20 minutes at 375 degrees. OMG...seriously good stuff! Lucky me!

So good that I've been trying to recreate it since! Not with turkey wings, but with chicken....turkey fat, chicken fat, seems as if they should be similar? Really the biggest difference was that roasting the whole chicken rendered too much fat and soaked the veggies. Whereas the wings, even though I had 8 pieces (4 whole wings cut in half), seemed to provide just the right amount. Try, try again....I'll get it right!

Oh, and now Delicata squash (my fav) is no where to be found...argh! I find Delicata to be less starchy and I like the fact that you can leave some or all of the skin on....somehow it feels like I'm getting more nutrition (like an apple!) I still have a butternut, an acorn and, oh I forgot the name of that cute little orange pumpkin like squash...oh yes, Buttercup...that should be good!

My freezer is filling up with bones....soup time!


Alison and Larry said...

My freezer has a turkey carcass just awaiting your suggestion - I would love to make turkey stock. Let us know what you're doing with your freezer bones.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I make stock on a regular basis...every week or twice a week! Because I cook so much I keep onion carrot and celery scraps in my freezer also. And I always by bone in meats.

I make most of my stock in a pressure cooker these days, it takes just over an hour for a pretty rich stock. The biggest challenge is getting into the habit of making stock!

The most inconvenient part is straining it. I use a regular colander lined with "flour sack" kitchen towel. And for me, having to store all of it! No lie, right now I have beef, corn and chicken, smokey pork stocks in 4 c. containers. Turkey wing bones and at least 3 chicken carcasses!

Even if you don't make soup, stew or chili you can use the stock to cook your beans, rice, grains, etc, which I do 100% of the time (I've got to use up all that stock somehow!)

Maribel said...

I have 2 turkey carcasses for stock (yay for having a carnivore husband).

Smother that achiote paste on the turkey parts the next time you roast. Then shred and add it to a simple broth with chopped cilantro, radishes, onion (raw) and a squeeze of lemon. Light, but warm for these cold nights.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I've got 2lbs of chicken wings I can rub that achiote on!