Monday, November 14, 2011

Bring the Passion, live Passionately

This morning I posted on facebook the question of what is it that you might do today that you feel passionate about. We all have things that we have strong positive feelings for and when we get a chance to spend time doing them, or talking about them, then it seems as if time disappears.....

Sure we all have our daily "to-do" lists (either in our minds, or actually on paper), and some of the things we "have" to do we look forward to doing because we enjoy them. Cooking and food prep is one of the things that I "have" to do, but I'm passionate about doing it. Training is also one of the things that I "have" to do, but again I feel fairly passionate about too. Today I got a chance to do both!

Since I've had this theme about "passion" in my head all morning, as I was returning from my yoga practice this afternoon, I realized that topping the list of what I'm passionate about is teaching. I never thought of myself as a teacher, but looking back over my life it's when I'm sharing my knowledge that I feel most alive and valuable. That's why I am also passionate about writing.....crazy, considering that I have a 10th grade education that I love to teach and write!

Passion: an intense emotion, compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something.

It seems unlikely that any one of us can spend a whole day, much less every day, doing only things we are passionate about. But what if we bring the passion? Bring passion, or enthusiasm to everyday events. The simpliest of things like how we answer the question "How are you?" Do we really need to tell the truth if we are feeling crappy, or can we change the truth by choosing a more enthusiastic reply? "I'm doing well! How are you?"

You might be wondering what all this has to do with diet, weight loss, and kettlebell training but I believe the better, more positive, and more hopeful you feel, the more likely you are to want to do better for yourself, your life, and the ones you love around you. I believe it's all connected.

If you are finding it too hard to focus on diet or regular exercise then focus on one of the things you are passionate about. Visualize yourself doing whatever it is that "lights you fire". Now visualize yourself healthy, strong and fit doing that same thing that you feel passionate about. How does that feel different?

How would it feel to be healthy strong and fit while feeling passionate about something as simple as being a good mother, or grandmother. How about being healthy and fit and wanting, passionately to be a good husband and provide for your family. Anything.....a teacher, a cook, a writer, a trainer, an athlete, an artist, a boss, a hard worker....a school bus driver! Realizing your true potential to live your passion, or bring some passion, is so much easier when you feel strong and confident. Strength and confidence comes with health and fitness. If you don't believe me then try it!

I'm so lucky to have the choice of bringing passion to everything I do because I can cross health and fitness off of my "to do"list. I'm free. Being healthy and fit intensifies your ability to live your passion or intensifies living more passionately, it's a "win-win"!


Marie said...

I too have recently found (within the last couple of years -and I'm 43!) that I love to teach. But it wasn't until I was asked to teach a class that I realized I wanted an audience to speak to. Given the opportunity, I acted as though it was the most natural thing ever (like everyone loves to speak in front of groups...right?!)...I was terrified!! stepping into my fear I was able to find my passion. I am now pursuing a new career because of it! It's never too late!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I was once involved in some direct sales where I had to "present" in front of an audience....didn't think I could do it. I find if you are talking about, or "selling" something you really believe in, then it's not hard at all.

Sometimes, even now, I can't believe I actually lead students through workouts...and I'm bossy about it!

Teaching rocks!

Maribel said...

you are bossy! hahaha...just kidding. Let's just say your "firm".

My husband always comments on how much I've's true. I'm happier and it's directly tied to being healthier. And yes, it's made me a better person over all.

Juci RKC said...

A psychic told me (seriously) that one day I was gonna teach.
I couldn't figure out what on earth I would teach. The idea of the university pops up naturally, but to tell the truth I'm not keen on it anymore :)
So I couldn't believe her, and forgot the damn thing altogether.

A couple of years later the kettlebell came along :)

So I teach, and enjoy each moment of it.

Diana said...

I've learned that the "word hard, work very, very hard" philosophy has never been more useless. When we're passionate about something, we learn to relax and to sense a way forward that creates more positive outcomes without exhausting them. We all must remember the 80/20 rule: 20% of the energy we expend creates 80% of our positive experiences.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Hey, being called "firm" ain't that bad!


Tracy Reifkind said...


Funny how when we think of teaching we think academics....

I would have thought I didn't have the patience to teach but I lose track of time when I'm talking about something I feel so deeply inside.

Totally crazy that coming from such a history of inactivity and non health and exercise that I would end up happy!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Well said. I think that more and more poeple are figuring out the "work smart" way of thinking than the "work hard".

Of course there's nothing wrong with working hard if you love working hard. You can bring passion to effort.