Tuesday, November 8, 2011

700 Swings in under 28 minutes, using TRif's "Progressive Rest Ladder"

Need a quick swing workout in under 30 minutes....I did! Here's a sample of what I did after my Swing class this morning, minus the warm-up (I used my class as a warm-up, lol). I used the 16kg, 14kg & 12kg.

warm up is always "equal work to rest"

10 2 hd sw (15/15)
20 tr (30/30)
30 2 hd sw (45/45)
10 R/10 L 1 hd sw x 2 (1.0/1.0)

100 swings 5 min.

each rotation = 200 swings, 6.5 min not including the rest period between rotations.

16kg, first rotation (video above, taped in Aug.)

40 2 hd sw 15 sec rest
40 2 hd sw, 30 sec rest
40 2 hd sw, 45 sec rest
40 2 hd sw, 1 min rest
40 2 hd sw

1 min rest.

14kg, 2nd rotation

40 tr, 15 sec rest
40 tr, 30 sec rest
40 tr, 45 sec rest
40 tr, 1 min rest
40 tr

1 min rest

12kg, 3rd rotation

10 R/10 L 1 hd sw x 2, 15 sec rest
10 R/10 L 1 hd swx 2 30 sec rest
10 R/10 L 1 hd sw x 2, 45 sec rest
10 R/10 L 1 hd sw x 2 1 min rest
10 R/10 L 1 hd swx 2

done! 700 swings, 27.5 min.

Since I did 25 minutes of Beyond Max yesterday (to be posted tomorrow) I did not need to snatch today...yay! So after my swing class I needed an extra 20-30 minutes of swings, and I don't mind doing the "boring' stuff" by myself. When I train by myself I don't have to explain anything, I just swing!

I decided to start out heavy, with the 16kg and work down. This way I got my heart rate up straight away, and then progressively let it come down as I ended my workout. This was because I had already swung for 40-50 minutes in class. If this were going to be my only swing workout I would do it in reverse! Working my way up from the 12kg to 14kg and then the 16kg....and then if I needed or wanted more I would repeat the first two rotations, laddering down again to make it a 900 swing, in a 42.5 minute workout! (If these instructions are not clear and you would like to try it then just ask and I'll post the exact workout).


PS this video was posted in August after I came home from Hungary. It was the first time I had done this "progressive rest ladder". Now I use it quite often, sometimes changing the swing combinations as written here in this post. It's an easy way to knock out 200 swings per rotation!


shortnginger said...

would love it if you could post the full 42.5 min workout
thanks from the uk!

Tracy Reifkind said...

S n G,

warm up.
rotation #3
rotation #2
rotation #1
rotation #2
rotation #3

there you go....

Maribel said...

Efficient, efficient, efficient!

Nadine said...

Hi Tracy,
I was so happy when I saw this this morning! Wed. is my hv swing day, and I've been doing your workouts - with a twist;) - lately. This was fun, I did the workout backwards since it was my main workout (rotation 3,2,1). I'm not a fan of the 2hd sw and I love your 1/2ld so I may do that instead next time =)Then I added squats - A wise person said I needed them in my workout ;)

thanks!.... as always, You Rock!

shortnginger said...

thanks tracy !!!

just finished this and im fried!!

Michelle said...

Thanks for posting this routine and all your others too. I've been incorporating them into my training as I am preparing for the RKC next February in San Jose.

Marie said...

I have been using your workouts since March! I love getting on here and seeing what your going to do next! I have both of your DVD's. My daughter recently started working out with me on a regular basis, so I am loving it! Kettlebells (and you) have helped me to change my LIFE!!! I also wanted to say thanks for all of the recipes and inspiration - I have pre-orderd your book and can't wait to get it. You have gotten me back in the kitchen too! AMAZING!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Don't hate on the 2 hd sw! It's my fav....it's the hardest one after 20-40 reps! Seems to me a wise person would recommend more 2 hd swing.

Glad to see you made some use out of this workout. It motivates me to keep posting them!

Tracy Reifkind said...

S n G,

Great job! It's a workout you'll be seeing alot of variations on...it's a keeper!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Mark should be teaching at that Cert, which means I'll be there alot! If you are in the San Jose/Palo Alto area you should come and join one of my swing classes...

nothing prepares you for the RKC better than all of this high volume work. Everybody that I've coached through an RKC has said that one of my classes is more difficult (in a good way) than the Grad workout!

Tracy Reifkind said...


When I get comments like yours it makes my day, so thank you! Knowing that a few people actually do these workouts makes me tons more motivated to keep posting them!

Having my DVD's makes it much easier to follow my training if you are familiar with my style. Now some cooking DVD's maybe?

I'm actually working on a pressure cooking project.....lots more time since I don't watch TV anymore, lol!

Anonymous said...


I have done the Progressive Rest Ladder workout (the 200 swing version, done with 2 hands) about a dozen times and hit 202 pounds bodyweight (down about 30 pounds from mid-August) at my contest in Minnesota on Saturday.

I increased the weight I was using for the Progressive Rest Ladder workouts a bit over my starting weight but was still using a very low weight since my cardio is still pretty terrible.

The really remarkable thing is that even though my kettlebell weight was very low - my cardio increased significantly in about a month of doing your workout 2 to 3 times per week. It was noticeable in my other workouts. And it was extremely noticeable at my contest. The pace was pretty fast between some of the events (it was a grip contest - but more than the usual grippers and other light weight stuff) and I am positive that if I hadn't been doing your KB workout I would've placed much lower overall because my conditioning would've held me back since it was a 10-event contest and we were moving constantly for 4 hours.

Appreciate the help and your constant enthusiasm for life and training!

Ben Edwards