Monday, November 21, 2011

Hungarian Hundred Snatch Workout

Saturday I had to train on my own from 8:00-9:00 between my Intermed 7:15, and my Adv 9:00 classes. I had thought I would do a heavier snatch workout instead of a super fast and lighter "Beyond Max" routine that I would normally train.

I started out repeating the end of the previous classes workout. I teach my Int. class with a 12kg, a weight that is borderline too light for my own training, but since I have over three hours to teach on a typical Sat. the 12kg gets pretty challenging around 9:30am! (I never pick up a heavier bell after 10:00am) Anyway, I thought I should try the workout I give my students, using the 16kg, which is heavy for me, to get an idea of the workload I'm asking my less experienced students to follow.

I've posted these swing/snatch combinations many times before as the first three are standard warm up work sets. As we "train" the combinations the rest periods decrease and the work periods increase. But basic warm up is always 30/30 (work to rest)

1 swing, 1 snatch, 1 transfer x 6 (3 R, 3 L) 30/30 x 2
1 sw, 1 sn, 1 tr x 12 (6 R, 6 L) 1 min/1 min x 1

1 snatch 1 transfer x 8 (4 R, 4 L) 30/30 x 2
1 sn, 1 tr x 16 (8 R, 8L) 1 min/1 min x 1

5 snatch R, 5 snatch L x 1, 30/30 x 2 (paced at a slower 5 snatch reps per 15 sec)
10 sn R, 10 sn L x 1 (1 min/1 min same slow pace)
5 sn R, 5 sn L x 2, 1 min/1 min

(this is where my workout to follow changes)

1 sw, 1 sn, 1 tr x 12 + 1 sn, 1 tr x 16, 2 min/1 min

10 sn R, 10 sn L + 5 snatch R, 5 snatch L 2 min/1 min

10 sn R, 10 sn L + 5 snatch R, 5 snatch L + 1 sn, 1 tr x 16 + 1 sw, 1 sn, 1 tr x 12, 4 min.

So there is the complete workout I did in the last half of my 7:15am class (w/12kg), swings and snatches, I think it takes around 20 min.

In my own workout I repeated the first 10 min. with the 16kg and then went on to use my "Hungarian Hundred" snatch combinations to finish.

Hungarian Hundred

5/5 snatches x 2, 1 min/1 min (20 reps)
10/10 x 1, 1 min/1 min (20 reps)
1-5 sn ladder 1.5 min/1 min (30 reps) (video shows this set)
5-1 sn ld, 1.5 min/1 min (30 reps)

I repeated this 3 times. Each rotation of 4 work sets = 9 min, 100 snatch reps! This workout is also a exercise in pacing. If you watch the video I keep the same pace as the 5/5 and 10/10 rep sets. Easier to snatch slower with a heavy bell but if you use a lighter bell you have to be conscious of the slower pace.

In the past when using the 12kg for this "HH" snatch workout my rest periods are only 30 seconds long. With the 16kg I took a longer rest periods of 1 min. I wasn't trying to rush or snatch as many reps as possible. It's been a long time since I snatched the 16kg for an entire workout so I didn't want to push it.


Maribel said...

Oh man...this is a tough routine! I love it though. Thanks for posting it.

Tracy Reifkind said...


The one we did was a slightly tougher version! Good-ness Sat workout was hard! In a good way...of course!

Nadine said...

Great workout Tracy! it was fun and I liked the ladders up and down.
I used the 12kg: did 2 rounds with :30 rest and 2 rounds with :15 rest! ... Though sometimes I snatch the 16kg, I need to work my way up to it for your workouts! ;)


Tracy Reifkind said...


Glad you worked it out! The first time I did this workout was in Hungary...I thought I posted the video when I came back... But basically, my hands were too torn up to snatch fast so I had to design a "slower" paced but big number workout.

I did 10 rotations for a total of 1000 snatches in 70 minutes! when You have the the 1000! There....I said it! lol

Nadine said...

Hola Chicka!
Well, challenge complete!! WHoo HOO!! I am feeling bad a$$ today! ;)
I wanted to do the 1000 snatches on a day, so I have 2 days off afterwards, and usually I only have 40 min. tops in the morning, so today was the day!.... I started off just thinking I would shoot for 7 rounds (700) but had more in me at that point....I am definitely glad I have 2 days of rest now!!! That was Hard, but fun!.... I may not want to do snatches for a while now though! LOL!! Thanks for the challenge, I would never have thought of it! as always....You Rock!!!
I hope you had a nice thanksgiving!....

Tracy Reifkind said...


Sweet! The world needs more people like us!

Nothing like 1000 snatches to make a person feel badass! If you keep dong them, I'll keep posting them!

Tedee said...

This is just what I've been looking for! Thank you for posting.

Nadine said...

Thanks Tracy!
I will keep doing them =)
I am going to try the beg/interm. workout you posted next week!
I use the 1sw/1sn/1tr and the 1sn/1tr as a warm up on my snatch days - its a fun combo

Tracy Reifkind said...


These swing/snatch combos will be relative to lots and lots of future posted routines so get familiar!

You just show up and I will tell you what to do!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I've got your workout for next week...I'm posting video shortly, but in a's time to do a bit of short, fast, snatch tests...just don't post your numbers if they are better than mine....LOL

Nadine said...

LOL! No chance they will be better than yours!
I'm thinking I may skip this one. I do timed sets, 6 min with one arm switch at the 3 min mark- my best with the 12kg was 18 rpms- total for 3min on one arm was 54- I think you did that in 1:30!! =) I happily bow down to you!! =)

Tracy Reifkind said...


You are not going to skip this one! Maybe you'll skip it this week, but you'll do it by 12/31 (Sat.)!

You inspired me way back to train GS style using one hand switch for a lot of the training I've been testing and doing (that I don't post) these past months. But I took your advice and did not counted reps, instead focused on the I have do not rep counts! And I've been lacking in journaling them...yikes!

I've done the 5 min/5 min a few times, but with only the 8kg. I've done plenty of 2 min/2min with the 12, maybe even 3-5 sets of these. It seems that there is a point that a faster pace makes it easier....but after you get to 2 or 3 minutes it makes it harder...gotta try the 3 min/3 min with the 12kg...I'll do it this next week....or at least I'll try!

Nadine said...

Deal! by 12/31 it is =)

I agree with your assessment of the timed sets. I try not to count - I have a VERY select selection of tunes on my ipod- every song I like I think...."is it ipod worthy?" LOL and I try and sing along so I don't count. When I feel I'm ready to move up and I think I have a good pace going I do sometimes count just for the fun of it. I try really hard not to personality - I would try and beat my count the next time - and that's not always good. (for me) I have found when I start a new round - 2/2;1/1 or 3/3 (I always do 6 min) I start off slow and each week as I train the pace increases. I have found just working the time under the bell, my strength increases.
Have fun with the 3/3!! I am sure you will rock it =)

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