Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Roundabout Swing Ladders and the 20 kg

I haven't been training very many heavy one hand swings, not even with the 16kg! (compared to my two hand swing volume) I've got to focus more on even heavier one hand swings so I can eventually translate those heavier bells into my snatch and press training. Time for "Roundabouts"!

I designed a combination of swings I named the "Roundabout" and the intention of this swing combination was to help build my ability to swing a really heavy bell "one handed". I will include a link breaking down the Roundabout but here I write the breakdown of swings that make up one roundabout;

2 hd sw,
tr R
R one hd sw
tr 2 hd
2 hd sw,
tr L,
L one hd sw,
tr 2 hd

1 roundabout = 8 reps
5 roundabouts = 40 reps/1 min

In one minute you should be able to complete 5 roundabouts. In 5 roundabouts there are 10 one hand swing (5 R, 5 L), 10 2 hd swings and 20 transfers (1 hd sw to 2 hd sw, or 2 hd sw to 1 hd sw). Here is the link to my original blogpost describing, but unfortunately demonstrates a different version (Oct 7, 2008!).

In this video I demonstrate the last set of my 2nd rotation and all three sets of my 3rd rotation. Each rotation I ladder up only the one hand swings with the lighter bells, but not with the 20kg.

1st rotation

12kg 5 rd ab (40 reps, 1 min/1 min)
16kg 5 rd ab (40 reps, 1 min. 1 min)
20kg 5 rd ab (40 reps, 1 min. 1 min)

2nd rotation

12 kg 5 rd ab w/2 sw (50 reps, 1.25 min/45)
16kg 5 rd ab w/2 sw (50 reps, 1.25 min/45)
20kg 5 rd ab (40 reps, 1 min/1 min)

3rd rotaion

12kg, 5 rd ab w/3 sw (60 reps, 1.5 min/1 min)
16kg rd ab w/2 sw (50 reps, 1.25 min/45)
20kg rd ab (40 reps, 1 min/ 1 min)

total time 18 min.

(repeat rotation #3 two more times for a 30 minute workout)

I only did three rotations because I had already done 490 20kg 2 hd swings and 305 12kg swings during the first half of my training. But I liked this workout enough to make it a main workout with my Saturday classes this weekend!

I teach the Roundabout in my "Programming the Kettlebell Swing" and I have also designed many variables to my Roundabout using ladders for the one hand swings, the two hand swings, and/or both. I've also designed workouts with"1/2 Roundabouts" I will post more variations, but I train all of them in my DVD "Roundabout 2.0" which I believe is available on Amazon.

Maybe I'll post a workout using my "Snatch Roundabout" too!


Diana said...

I used to hate the "roundabout" because I got so damn confused, but once you get get it and it just flows effortlessly, so to speak!
Nice way to incorporate heavy bells.
"Snatch Roundabout"....I can't even imagine, but am intrigued!

Anna said...

Wow Tracy, you rock - a lot! How can you handle such a whole lot of ballistic work - both volume, frequency and intensity wise? I am very used to kettlebells, but when I do your intermediate and advanced routines, I get sooooo hungry afterwards, that I almost can't control it (a sign of overload for me)...

Lots of love from DK


Tedee said...

Hi Tracy,

I LOVE the Roundabout. Thanks for posting. PLEASE post the snatch roundabout workout too. I can't quite imagine it, but I bet it's interesting and challenging! I'd love to try it!

guy said...

Killer! This isn't heling my Roundabout workout addiction though, lol! How many times would you suggest doing "Roundabout 2.0" Weekly? Is three too much? Is two good? I'm trying to lean out some.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Wait until I post the "reverse" Roundabout! Even my most seasoned students found it challenging (a nice way of saying "confusing!")

...and then there's the reverse snatch roundabout....I could go on and on.....

Tracy Reifkind said...


Yes, training makes you hungry! One has to eat to build's a trade off.

I think because I've been doing it so long that, obviously, I've acclimated to the workloads. Also I train the ballistics for a minimum of 60 minutes, three days a week.(Saturdays 2 1/2 hrs) But for years, before I started teaching, I only trained 45-50 min total. (I also weighed 5-8lbs less back then!)

I think most kettlebell athletes train the grinds way more than I do...and I know I should do more. We all tend to do what we are good at though!

Thank you for your comment

Tracy Reifkind said...


I resist posting workouts that use more than one bell because I know for the average person owning more than one or two gets expensive.

Obviously the more choices you have, the more choices you have!

More to come soon!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I think you should be able to do a variation of that workout once a week.

After a quick warm up do the second half first, or start with the heavier bell first.

Take shorter rest periods, or keep going up the swing ladder on your own! I think the 1/2 roundabouts only went up to 3 swings? Go to five! (that was the original plan...) Or go backwards...lots of options.

Cut your carbs, especially simple carbs and adopt a "cut off" time in the evening. If you go to bed slightly hungry (usually it's boredom) I think you'll see a big difference quickly. (Geez...I think I'll take my own advice, lol!)

guy said...

Thank you very much Ma'am! I do the Primal Blueprint Diet, 50-100 grams of carbs a day in one meal (I.F), I eat every day at 6:00PM and then don't eat again until 6:00pm the next day. I will try doing the workout just the way you said.

Maribel said...

I do the your Roundabout dvd every 6 weeks or so...mostly when I'm too lazy to think, let alone count. Kicks my butt every single time. Love it! I've been keeping it safe with a 12k, but it looks like its time to push myself to the next level...scary!

shortnginger said...

yet again you post a work out that fries me!!!

did the 5 rotation (without the 20kg as santa aint delivered yet!)and my butt is killing me today!

thanks again

Tracy Reifkind said...'re going to disappear!

I actually went to bed a little hungry last night...feels good now!

Tracy Reifkind said...


We'll push it this stuff!

I've got to do that darn 2.0! I forgot how much work that one is...over 1200 swings I think!

Tracy Reifkind said...

S n G,

I didn't swing the 20kg for need, but I understand the need for variety. (I get plenty of variety with my swing combinations!)

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