Saturday, November 26, 2011

Testing Day....again! 16kg, 14kg, 12kg snatches...3 minute sets

What I love about my Saturday training is that, along with my training partner Meg, I get to do what ever I want to do without limits, and with little explanation! Meg has been my training partner for over 3 years and I'm lucky that she is familiar with how I program my workouts, therefore she just lets me tell her what to do!

Inspired by a facebook post by Joe Sarti, a couple of weeks ago, where he posted the results of a quick 3 minute 16kg snatch test (100 reps), I myself decided to join in on the fun....with the 12kg of course. To be honest I didn't think that 100 reps in 3 min w/16kg for a man of his strength was all that impressive.....I stand corrected! As I tested the 3 minutes, "all out", myself with the 12kg and experiencing for myself how fast that bell has to move....I was humbled! 100 snatch reps in 3 minutes is lightening fast! (as you will see in the last video)

Every 6-8 weeks, or so, I do the RKC snatch test, which is for me means using the 16kg. The requirements are 100 snatch reps in 5 minutes. I've been able to shave down the completion time to just about over 4 minutes time. I know a lot of women capable of much better, but this is not a competition with other women, this is about maintaining my own training strength and endurance as I approach my 50's.....

Today I started my own workout with three 3 minute snatch tests, "all out" other words "for reps". We used the 16kg for the first one, the 14kg for the second and the 12kg for the third. All sets had an equal amount of time to rest....3 minute rest period. In 15 minutes I completed 82/ 16kg snatches, 85 /14kg snatches and 102 /12kg snatches. Here are the videos of all three.

I did not find much difference between the 16kg and the be honest it was disappointing. But that being said, there seems to be, for me, a world of difference between the 12kg and 14kg, but not that much between the 14kg and the 16kg! In the first video with the 16kg I miscalculated my remaining time and by the time I got the the last 6 or 7 reps, having realized my mistake, I'm confident I could have paced another 2-3 reps total. As I switched to the 14kg, I have to admit, I was blown away at how NOT easier it was! My pace was barely faster....but the 12kg! Now you know how fast that bell has to move....without cutting the snatch short I don't see how you could do it much faster that maybe 105 reps in 3 minutes. If you can? Then post your video! (16kg for a male)

Enjoy the rest of your Holiday weekend....and don't buy too much. Be grateful for what we all have already! Life is great!


Hanneke said...

I did this this morning.

16kg - 45 reps (2 minutes)
14kg - 85 reps
12kg - 95 reps

I did the 16 kg only 2 minutes because I am not trained enough in it yet and simply cannot do more at this point in time with that tempo.

I am happy about it though.

I did it with my hand protector cuffs and I see you did not. I know it's not allowed on RKC events. Do you train alot without them? How do you train that?

Thanks again! short but sweet morning for me.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Super! You don't need that tempo to pass the 100 in 5 minutes, in fact if you slowed down slightly you could go longer. I find, with the 16kg especially, it's losing you ability to breathe from pacing too fast that does you in!

Crazy about that damn 14kg huh? And can you imagine having to create the speed you did with the 12kg into the 16kg?

And you should be happy! I was thrilled with my results, because it's not the rep's the fact that we got your asses in the gym (studio, garage, whatever) and did it!

Funny you should notice the fact that I was not wearing my socksleeves.... I made that decision based only on the thickness of the handle, since I was using the thicker handled bell.

Usually I do not need protection in my first 100-200-300 snatch reps, it's the longer and faster workouts that I need constant protection. I regularly "test" without them since I cannot use them in a "real" test. Otherwise I'll use a very thin one, mostly on my left hand to train the 16kg with, and almost always the usual two, one on each hand, for regular high volume workouts.

Maribel said...

The speed you have with the 12k is intense.

I've been meaning to test and see if I can snatch the 14k. I haven't really swung a 14k with 1 handed swings though. I'm solid swinging the 12k one handed. Should I first take some time doing 1 handed swings with a 14k before I try to snatch it?

Tracy Reifkind said...


I've been meaning to talk with you about the 14kg...and the 16kg snatch!